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  1. YAY I want this! I like the image stabilization, and I like the skin Dbrand put on the phone!
  2. I really like the keyboard, but my favorite thing for sure are the speakers
  3. We were talking about http://www.shopblt.com/ , not newegg.
  4. Yeah, I might get a 280X from those guys, but I still doubt it a little bit, it just seem so good that I have to distrust
  5. Is that a trustful retailer? I've never heard of them and their prices are good
  6. Nah, it's just the hair going to his eyes. believe me, i know Edit: I don't know how to upload images correctly.
  7. I have like 1000USD to spend. I'll use around half of that to buy a pair of boots, some sneakers, and various clothes. And the other half for a graphics card and a new PSU since my f**king seasonic just died
  8. Kyle from Newegg/AwesomeSauceNews bought a Korean monitor from Newegg, it was the Qnix I believe, but they also have the shimian ;D I would grab the Qnix, and another 7970/280x, or wait for Maxwell