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    New Zealand
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    Student at UOA


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    i5 4690K (4.2 GHz)
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    Kingston HyperX 8GB (1x8)
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    Gigabyte G1 GTX 960 (1515 Mhz)
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    Zalman R1
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    SanDisk Ultra II 240 GB | 1TB HDD
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    Cosair HX 650
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    Philips 24"
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    Ducky Shine (Cherry MX Red)
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    Razer Naga
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    Windows 8

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  1. Toxicable

    3 Monitor Setup

    Oh no, my bad, only scanned over what you said
  2. Toxicable

    3 Monitor Setup

    I have a 960 and have 3 monitors and they work just fine. I dont stretch games over all 3 because that wrecks the aspect ratio and looks stupid on the games I play. But I can play games on my main monitor absolutely fine with chrome or visual studio on my other monitors
  3. Toxicable

    Anyone good with Processing?

    How can you only be pretty sure? As far as I know every language save assembly has functions, arrays, loops and stuff like that
  4. I've tried a bit of google and they look exactly the same, except the H798 is about $30 more expensive here in New Zealand
  5. Toxicable

    Recommend me a HTML editor

    I use Visual Studio
  6. Toxicable

    What ram to buy.

    RAM speed dosent matter, get the cheapest ones that is combatible with your system
  7. Toxicable

    Best language?

    The most popular language in the world right now by a huge amount is JavaScript. I personally very much like C# which would be more inline for what you a language for
  8. Toxicable

    How to select specific non-specific text from a text file?

    I dont know if anyone mentioned it since I didnt read all the posts, but have you tried Regex? (google it) . If the string fits a pattern then regex will work fine
  9. Toxicable


    When you retrieve a record from the DB with EF having LazyLoading enabled it will load in the first entity to memory and references to the other related entities, then when you return that entity as a Web Api response it will then serialize it into Json or XML. I believe that the default serializer for json is Json.net. To stop Json.net from creating self referencing loops you can use the below code on your webapi config. Aside from that you can also use the .Include() method to invoke Eager loading on an entity More on lazyeager loading here https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-nz/data/jj574232.aspx config.Formatters.JsonFormatter .SerializerSettings .ReferenceLoopHandling = Newtonsoft.Json.ReferenceLoopHandling.Ignore;
  10. Toxicable

    How to Make an App

    Or C# for all 3
  11. Toxicable

    CPU and motherboard compatibility

    Oh bugger, after looking at the website it looks like it only supports E5 2600 family v3/4 the CPU im looking at is v1 I think
  12. So im thinking about buying a server. The CPU's im looking at are the Xeon E5 2660 8 cores, 16 threads at 2.2-3 GHz. The reason why im looking at these is becasue I think I can get them pretty cheap (200 ea second hand) The motherboard im looking at is the Supermicro X10DRL-i dual socket board. The other parts of the system I havn't looked at but am sure they are trivial Memory: ECC 16GB per CPU at the rated speeds for the motherboard. PSU: Probably about 450 W should be heaps enough (100W per CPU I believe) Storage: 1TB Disk drive, 250 GB SSD The main concern here is the CPU and motherboard compatibility between CPUs and motherboard, I cant find the motherboard on pc part picker, from what i've read the motherboard is LGA 2011 so it should be fine with the CPUs but I wanted to check with you guys. So what do you think? good plan? not compatible?
  13. Toxicable

    c# event/time driven long polling

    No fair enough man, I dont think I explained myself very well. While some people consider polling real time, I believe this is incorrect. To explain what I mean about the differences here I'll give you an example that im actually working on right now. I have my client side (website) which the user can invoke a long running operation on the server, how I have it configured is that when they invoke this action it gets put into a queue since it is very CPU intensive aswell. So the flow from the client side goes: User clicks START -> request to server -> Server places request to process in queue (database) -> response back to client telling them success. So as you can see that's a nice an simple process, the issue is that even though the process is long running it provides a result that the user will want to see at some point. How is this solved? With real time connections! Now to solve this with polling we could just poll the server every second or so to check if it's done, but this operation takes about 5 minutes so that's 300 (60*5) requests to the web server and then 300 from the server to the db, this is where polling is bad. Or the other way we can solve this is with EventHandlers, in this example I am using SqlDependancy: User clicks START -> request to server -> Server places request to process in queue (database) Aswell as placing a OnChangeEventHandler on the table which will fire when it changes next -> response back to client telling them success. Then when the OnChangeEventHandler fires it sends a request back to signal r which then grabs the new data from the DB then sends it to the client. It's probably still not the best of explanations but might get my point across, I'd give you a link to the website to show you it in action but it's not quite done yet
  14. Toxicable

    c# event/time driven long polling

    Ok so I am very confused on what you're trying to accomplish with this. From what I can tell you have little experience working with asp.net, I would advise working with some simple asp.net MVC applications to start off with or maybe Web Api depending on what you like. After you understand some more on how to work with asp.net web servers then I'd advise looking into HttpClient for making requests in C#, that's under the System.Net.Http namespace, aswell as the Signal R NuGet package to deal with real time communication, which is actual real time not polling. Which brings me to my next point, polling is not real time, generally polling is a rather bad way to handling communication events are much better way of doing things.