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  1. I have a r9 290 reference card that was starting to run too hot so I took it apart cleaned all the dust out and put new thermal paste on. Now when I boot up the computer black screens after the Windows logo and loading circles screen. But every once and a while after the logo loading screen I will see the loading circles again but with no logo this time and then everything starts up fine and has no problems. If I restart again without changing anything it will start to fail again. I have no idea whats causing it to work sometimes and not right after. Things I have tried so far
  2. Anyone have any experience working with ASP Web API. I'm using lazy loading and get a stack overflow error when trying to send an object. I know this is because of the infinite loop caused by lazy loading and I was wondering the best way to fix this. I know you can use data transfer objects but I was wondering if there are any better way.
  3. Yea true, sometimes I'll use Sublime when doing basic HTML and CSS but whenever I need some real back end work I always stick with VS.
  4. Visual Studio 2015 all the way. Web Essentials are amazing and the debugger is great.
  5. I would love to get the Spectrum mouse because I have been building my system for the past two years and last thing i need is a goof mouse plus this one will match my color scheme.