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    Intel i5 4690k
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    Asus Z97-A
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    16GB Crucial Ballistix Tactical
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    EVGA GTX 970 SSC
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    NZXT Phantom 530
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  1. No, if the five year old fx was better it would be more expensive. Cpus are way way more than cores and clockspeed. First, it's not an 8 core the way most ppl think it is, that is just a technicality. It's architecture is designed around models, two logic cores which share cache and a floating point unit (used for physics and other calculations). It is a four module cpu which could run 8 threads at a time, or could only run 4 if all the threads needed the fpu. Ryzen has an fpu for each core so it won't see any situations where only half the cores are working. Second, in
  2. Just because most people use the them incorrectly (like the majority on this site does with bottleneck) doesn't make them any less wrong. Sorry if it seemed like I was upset with you, it's more or less the people that redefine terms to suit their lack of understanding that upset me.
  3. So redefine the term huh? Cpu intensive means the workload on the cpu is heavy. If not then bf1 wouldn't be considered cpu intensive because it relies heavily on the gpu. And hell that logic falls flat when you consider the fact that almost every pc game has graphics options which you can turn down to make the game rely less on the gpu. There by making every game cpu intensive. So if everything is cpu intensive what does the term even mean? So what's the next definition you'll use to try and placate people who are flat out wrong? If game runs well on low end hardware it's not inten
  4. If cs:go is cpu intensive then so is minesweeper. You're wrong. A game that gets HUNDREDS of fps on mainstream consumer cpus is NOT cpu intensive. You can't just wave your hand and magically proclaim it to be so.
  5. Cpu intensive doesn't mean that it can use a lot of threads. If it was cpu intensive it would get 50-60 fps on an i5. Not hundreds.... If it can run well on an i3, it's not cpu intensive
  6. What are you using to check clock speeds, have you checked your temps? If temps are fine, it might be that a couple of the chokes are burnt out or the vrms are failing.
  7. What are you using to check clock speeds, have you checked your temps? If temps are fine, it might be that a couple of the chokes are burnt out or the vrms are failing.
  8. I'm not sure about the additional turbo mode voltage, but the offset helps to stabilize the oc by putting a bit more voltage. This way it doesn't become unstable during the voltage ramp up. I forget what I my first option was for adaptive mode on my z97-A, but for my offset I put it to 0.005v. Unfortunately I'm traveling at the moment so I can't check my bios. Butt I suspect that the additional turbo mode voltage would be how much over stock voltage you want when your cpu goes into turbo ranges. Is recommend waiting for someone else to verify it tho
  9. Do not buy into fm2+ man. Go with Pentium or wait for am4
  10. 1) task manager isn't reliable when it comes to clockspeeds 2) task manager was reporting your CURRENT clockspeed (the cpu drops it's clockspeed when it isn't needed) 3) get cpu-z to see the current and max
  11. I agree with the noctua industrial. Set up a custom fan curve and you'll be fine. I personally set mine to run at 60% at 70 and running up to 100% by 90 and I never heard it run since it was usually at 50°C running at about 35%
  12. Stop using task manager to monitor cpu usage and especially clockspeed, it's a pretty bad approximation. Use hwmonitor. And did you go into the power settings like @SkilledRebuildsmentioned?
  13. As others have pointed out, the issue is the h60, it's not good enough for an oc'd i7. Not by a long shot. Keep in mind, an aio liquid cooler doesn't automatically beat even cheap air coolers like the 212 evo
  14. There's no real pros and cons beyond the size and number of expansion slots. I guess you could make the argument that micro atx boards fit in more cases, but again that's a size thing. Your friend is full of shit btw, micro aux boards have been around for a long ass time and still haven't taken over.
  15. The 7th gen apus are the 9XXX series which are only compatible with am4 http://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/amd-am4-desktop-platform-bristol-ridge-apu-a-series-hp-lenovo/