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  1. Instructions unclear, mind downloaded onto hard drive. For real though, I just sent the drive in for a replacement. I'll put here whether or not the next one's a DOA. If it is, then... uhm... no clue. Seems unlikely. Even more so than two.
  2. @emosun@Kilrah@EpiCheeseTime I just tested it with my brother's USB SATA dock, starts clicking furiously and beeping before totally shutting down, still won't show up.
  3. I do, I might try that later, but I don't think it would make a difference. The first one was on my spare CX750M while I was dealing with Corsair for the failed PSU, this one is on the brand new HX1000i I got as a replacement, same symptoms.
  4. Yep, same thing. I turned my fan off this time so I could hear better, and it's really weird. The clicking is rather muted but it definitely doesn't sound like the arm moving normally, it goes between rapid clicks and slow heavy clicks, and there's some noise that sounds sort of like air being blown through a tiny hole, maybe scraping. That air/scraping sound surges regularly, and in-between each surge it beeps, until after a little bit it beeps twice and goes silent. It never spins up.
  5. I have not, I can do that later though. I understand it being a common problem, but the only mention of someone having trouble with a 10TB drive on this board I found was an old NVMe SSD. Just seems like there would be other people in my predicament if it were an issue. Is there any way I could tell for sure that it's the SATA controller? Would that problem make it beep, click, and fail to initialize due to an I/O device error?
  6. It's a Crosshair 6 Hero, I can't seem to find anything about capacity limit problems with its SATA controller. It does go through a daughter board (backplane for the drive cage), but I'm pretty sure that's just a straight passthrough.
  7. I'm having trouble finding that information. It's a Crosshair 6 Hero, I wouldn't expect that to be a problem.
  8. That was one of the first things I investigated. My PSU recently failed and took my onboard audio with it (this was before I got the first drive), so I was suspicious of some sort of sneaky damage killing them. I'm putting them in my case's front 3.5" slots, there's two with quick-change sleds (it's a HAF XB). I've tried my current 4TB drive in both slots, a random 250GB drive in both, and I've tried both at the same time. No issues. I did have an SSD in the top slot die earlier this year, but it was an old, cheap Sandisk. Microcenter has the Ironwolf, but I've gotten bad impressions of Seagate's reliability over the years. Is the Ironwolf different? I wouldn't mind a Gold, but I'd have to get that online as well, so I run into the same concerns. Beeping and clicking on startup (only startup I think), doesn't show up in Explorer, disk manager fails to initialize due to an "I/O Device Error." EDIT: Just to clarify, the symptoms were the exact same for both drives.
  9. I just received my second DOA. First one was Amazon, this one is Newegg. It's been more than a month and I'm just tired of this. I can go to Microcenter and get an 8TB, but no physical stores seem to carry the 10TB, at least in the Detroit area. Is that my only option? Is there no way to get the 10TB besides spending a week or more wondering whether the drive will be anything more than scrap metal once it gets to my door?
  10. So I'm at a loss for what I'm supposed to do.




    This is the second DOA. First one was Amazon, took more than three weeks to get my money back so I could order this one from Newegg, and it's the same damn thing. Seriously, where am I supposed to get this drive? Nobody carries it in physical stores, and so far I've received two dead drives from two separate online stores. I pulled the trigger a month ago, the blood has dried and the carpet's been replaced, and I still don't have a working drive. Good god.

  11. Well fuck.


    My PSU let the angry (angry) pixies out, and I don't have access to my spare. My PSU is dead, I have no idea whether the rest of the machine is kaput or perfectly functional, and I can't remote into work (which I have tomorrow) until I get it working again.


    It's been many years since I've had such a catastrophic failure.

    1. imreloadin


      *peers at my 5 year old PSU hesitantly*

    2. Dash Lambda

      Dash Lambda

      Mine is, in fact, 5 years old.

  12. I've always been a workboots person -for the past few years, in fact, the only footwear I really owned was steel-toe boots.





    I'm converted. My boots are super comfy in a sort of active way, but these just feel like the ground doesn't hurt anymore.


    Relevant here because socks.

    1. Bombastinator


      I recognize the strap style.  Those were designed for river rafting.  Heaving heavy boats while standing on slippery river rocks.  They should stick to your feet pretty good.

  13. When you say 'old BMW', I think you're talking about an entirely different era than I am. All I know for certain is my brother's and my experience with early-mid 2010s models, which were bought used, are currently out of warranty, and treating us fine. I'll believe you about 20-40 year old BMWs.
  14. But... you haven't owned one. It's one thing to hear talk about it, another to deal with it. But hey, mine's an F30 with the N55, my brother's is basically the same but a wagon (I know, GT is its own thing, but it's a fucking wagon). That's a very limited sample size, and from what I hear the N55 is one of BMW's reliable engines, among an army of very unreliable ones. Maybe I'll regret my purchase in a few years, but... I sincerely doubt it. Especially when driving it is so fun.
  15. Vote with my wallet time: any car that's locked behind a 'cars as a service' wall of bullshit is no longer of any interest to me. I wish the votes cost less though. Okay, defensive responses... Have you owned a BMW? I see this thrown around a lot but I don't see much substance behind it. Granted, I've only had mine a year so far, but the only money I've really put into service is an oil change and a cabin air filter. Only one I took it in to do was the oil change, and even then it's just because I'm lazy -it's apparently pretty easy to do yourself. My brother's had his for several years now, and the only times it exploded were quite directly his fault, and the repairs weren't all that expensive. Wasn't that VW? And then isn't Mercedes responsible for a lot of the import laws? What did BMW do?
  16. Allow me to introduce Sir Reginald Sport Duck. It's not my car unless he stands watch over my fuel gauge, a lone sentinel ensuring I never get stuck.
  17. Really? How can you tell? I just see a super reflective black surface in the picture, and in real life it looks pretty clean. It's just under a year old, too. EDIT: Just under a year old for me, not from the factory.
  18. Actually, I've been seriously considering getting a mounting arm for a fifth. Unfortunately I can't do six because my Index takes up a spot.
  19. You just reiterated what I said but specified the amount of time. I'm not disagreeing, I'm just saying that simply coming out with something better is a categorically separate thing.
  20. As someone who bought an x370 platform shortly after launch, I... don't mind. I didn't get a 2000 or 3000 chip, and I don't plan on a 4000 chip either. Maybe 5000 or 6000. If you really care about cost efficiency, get the best you can reasonably get at the time and stick with it until you have a good reason to upgrade. If, at that point, you can save money on a component, great. If not, well... There are only a few components you should expect to have forward and backward compatibility for more than a few years, and the motherboard is not one of them. I think AMD did good on their promise by supporting x370 up to 2020. I get what you're saying, but it's more like if you had a charging cradle that cost half as much as the phone that you need in order for the phone to operate, and they broke support for that.
  21. Taking my 335i in for service today. It says it's been due for 2 months now, so it's about time.
  22. I pretty much never see my bare desktop. Didn't even realize it was so cluttered.
  23. Graphic design? Well, that doesn't look like Windows, and you have Steam, so... screaming? As for mine:
  24. They don't really take up that much desk space. About double the footprint of a normal mid-tower. I don't just want to build computers like that, I will not tolerate anything less for my personal rig. EDIT: You also don't need to put it on your desk. You'd be surprised where you can fit a neat little cube.