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  1. Hi all, Does anybody know if Deepcools radiator can be disconnected from the rest of the AIO and used as a normal radiator? I have the 3x120mm version thats just cooling a Ryzen 7 1700X at the moment - I also own a reference cooled Vega 56 and was thinking about getting a waterblock for it and the CPU. Yknow, because I value my hearing and Vega's blower cooler competes with jet engines. The card thermal throttles by default and this would be a great option going down the line. Also would a 360 rad be enough for an (OCd) 1700X and a (maybe OCd) Vega 56? Picture of AIO attached!
  2. TheDevilOnHoliday

    Deepcool Captain 360EX: Removable radiator fittings?

    The case is the NZXT H440 - so 3x 120mm intakes and 3x 120mm exhaust at the top with another 140mm at the back. I've set fan curves to run the intakes faster on average I'd be getting rid of some of the hard drives to make room for the watercooling gear anyway - I could try using a single radiator which would probably be fine for the CPU and stock GPU. Vega can kick out a lot more heat when overclocking so maybe I'd start pushing things... but when that happens I could get another radiator in the front. I've considered taking out the mesh since I've actually seen temps drop a few degrees when taking the top off the case :')
  3. TheDevilOnHoliday

    Deepcool Captain 360EX: Removable radiator fittings?

    Yeah I just looked it up on the website. Aluminium... Might as well just sell the AIO and get a new radiator really
  4. TheDevilOnHoliday

    Deepcool Captain 360EX: Removable radiator fittings?

    Yeah I realise I would be scrapping the CPU block/pump combo bit. I'm not fussed by that so much - but it would be nice to at least retain the radiator at least without having to get another one. Needless to say I would be shoving a res and something like a D5 in there (yknow, proper hardware). I think the radiator is made of brass... I'll have to check that it's not aluminium at least
  5. TheDevilOnHoliday

    Ryzen 5 1600x Voltage Issue

    This is for XFR to work on the X-Series CPUs in the Ryzen lineup - I've seen my 1700X do this aswell. It's all by design
  6. TheDevilOnHoliday

    Need basic video editor

    I can recommend https://www.shotcutapp.com/ Free, GPU accelerated, supports high resolutions. Runs just fine on my aging FX6300 system (upgrading soon though :D)
  7. TheDevilOnHoliday

    Reverse Your Username

    yadioHnOliveDehT ...I don't like olives...
  8. TheDevilOnHoliday

    LTT Slogan Suggestion Thread

    Do you even tech, Bruh??
  9. TheDevilOnHoliday

    New Platform Launch Feedback & FAQ

    I've written a blog post about my experiences with Vessel and how I feel about the recent changes: http://www.thedevilonholiday.co.uk/vessel-an-alternative-to-youtube/ TL;DR: Vessel is snazzy, mixed feelings about the execution of moving an audience to a paid platform, giveaway looks very amaze.
  10. TheDevilOnHoliday

    Platform Launch and MASSIVE GIVEAWAY

    My Vessel username: TheDevilOnHols (only 15 characters :wacko: ) Two favourite videos: https://www.vessel.com/videos/LCoY5zfFf https://www.vessel.com/videos/LGIzLhe7y My blog post on the whole Vessel thing: http://www.thedevilonholiday.co.uk/vessel-an-alternative-to-youtube/ Google+ share: https://plus.google.com/+ThedevilonholidayCoUkPage/posts/DpmnfqueVD7