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  1. If it is true that the senate president abstained from voting, then I see no conflict of interest here.
  2. Comcast must have throttled their marketing team for this to show up on April 2nd. EDIT: an omygerd title 2 wel kel competitionzs!
  3. I saw this awhile back. Isn't the case going to be like $200 when they actually sell it though? Not sure if I'm that hardcore about size but it is indeed great engineering.
  4. Wish there was an mATX version. EDIT: That was this size.
  5. It was great fun during post-initial release after all the bugs.
  6. Agreed. Micro-USB is the spawn of Satan. I love reversible chargers such as magsafe, lightning and I haven't tried it yet but probably USB-C.
  7. Let's hope LG makes something usable instead of that retarded idea to make a smartphone the size of a tablet.
  8. I thought they stuck with the same screen of the M8?
  9. Fav. Teen Gohan. Ascending to SSJ2 Worst. Yamcha. A clueless useless fool.
  10. I would honestly buy one of these if they were like $60.
  11. There's a clear demand for faster internet speeds but I don't see rollouts of fiber or lower prices.
  12. Good to see Sony move away from their 1st party stuff. Sometimes its good to admit that another person does things better.
  13. Honestly I wouldn't mind if they resold the iPhone 4 with LTE capabilities. I would buy that in a heartbeat. iPhone 4G.
  14. Didn't realize the 5c was a failure. It was deemed wildly popular only dwarfed by the powerhouse of the main iPhone sales.