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    Århus, Denmark


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    i5 4590 3.3ghz
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    asus b85m-g
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    8gb ram
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    asus gtx 770
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    razer deathadder
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    Windows 10 64 bit
  1. Well if there is a short something on the board will get hot. very hot. You could try to give it power again(just not for long, it could blow a fuse and puts a high stress on Power supply) and afterwards disconnect it from power and tap around the circuit board and see if there is somethings hot. something like the big chips would be my guess Also, didnt understand how you said u measured resistance. If you hold one of the probes on a spot where you are sure that is ground. typically you can use the blue side the those capacitors to the right of the picture. and use the other probe to tap all the other power pins while holding the other constant on a ground spot. if its close to 0 ohms like 0,5-1-2 whatever like this, then its a short.
  2. It depends if you are soldering THT or SMD component. if its THT(through hole technology, the bigger ones where the pin of the components is through a copper ring) pretty much any soldering iron from local electronics store will do. that's atleast what i have for my home electronics. however, u might want one with adjustable temperature. thats pretty nice if its SMD/SMT(surface mounded devices/technology) u want one with a smaller tip, however a small iron tip cant really solder THT that well so maybe a soldering iron where you are able to change to different iron tips. When soldering u want to heat up both the copper island and the pin of the component like in a 45 degree angle and having the solder tin in front of your soldering iron. And flux is KEY. Solder tin have flux ''built in'' however, if you are holding your solder iron on the tin for too long it gets burned. that makes your soldering bad and scuffed. You want to reapply some flux and heat up afterwards to remove any holes or tin spikes that your soldering will have if you heat up for too long..
  3. oh and it seems like it dont really matter if it has 70% or 20% left of battery charge
  4. mine can die from around 2c/35f or -1/28f or something like that
  5. Hey. I have an iphone 6 plus and it dies in the cold and my friends who also got the iphone 6 report the same. but what about the iphone 8? any reports/experiences about the iphone 8 dying in the cold? last weekend 3 iphone 6's died in the cold while one samsung s4 mini operated fine. A little embarrassing.
  6. also talking about RMA'ing.. is it even a faulty?
  7. not sure if this is what you mean but i took this picture. can u use this one? So from the footage i had posted u are sure on that the problem (at least one of them if multiple) is pwm dimming? and which one of the 3 options is it? (red,blue,orange)
  8. Hey guys. A year ago I got the AOC 2460fq 144hz 1 ms (http://aoc-europe.com/en/products/g2460fq#product-detail-technical) monitor but I didnt feel a difference from 60hz. Today im pretty sure that its faulty with frame skipping and thats probably why I didnt feel a difference. Here is the ufo test link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oCV9ozJgec https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6so3CdHBZEA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FPT4cW1Da4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNlzW3rTPJ8 what do u guys think? Do I have a chance for RMA?. Also any other ways I can test it. I don't know if this is the only problem. seems like some other also had the same problem or something like this:http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/id-2878942/144-monitor-working.html (check last comment) Please help ty in advance p.s still under warrenty and it is setup correctly with 144hz in windows
  9. the new razer blade 14....... i will use it for gaming on the go and school
  10. Its The thick one with cd drive (i5 2,5ghz 4gb ram)
  11. Hey guys. i have a macbook 2012 mid with 1 120gb ssd and im thinking about getting some more storage. i can either upgrade the ssd...(500gb sdd upgrade would cost around 300$) OR swap out the existing (but not working) cd drive for a standard HDD (will have to pay for hdd and caddy) these 2 options is with service fees. what would u do and what do u think is the smartest thing to do? and btw i plan later on to run dual boot with osx and windows 10 -sneboldlol
  12. Hey guys. my old razer deathadder 3.5g 3500dpi is beginning to get a bit worn. so my question is... if I go out and buy the new razer deathadder 10000dpi and use the same settings as i have now will it act the same in terms of mouse sensitivity?
  13. Hey guys i got some friends who easily can ddos with just a little help from a website. and im just thinking why in the world is it so easy. why the fck can some numbers get abused so hard. isn't it time for a new solution cuz im scared of what they can do to me while im playing some league or something. -,-
  14. Hey guys thx for the answers! forgot to add that I have a desktop on my profile x) but ya.. im not gonna play on it then and i need the battery for school so it's important that it can last for many hours without the battery runs out. nice day!
  15. Hey guys I have a question... then i play fx league of legends on my macbook med. 2012 it can just after 15 min get superhot and turn the fans on (loudly)... is it safe enough to play on my macbook? have a nice day