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  1. ive tried fully uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, updating and whatnot. and the only problem with trying onboard graphics, is that most of the problems occur when gaming except the blackscreen issue which i can't replicate on command and doesnt happen too often. I will see what i can do as far as troubleshooting with onboard graphics though thanks
  2. So I have had many pc problems. Mostly games crashing, lots of graphical glitches (artifacting, things changing colors, thing glowing really bright green, etc.), and sometimes my monitors just like black out, and the monitor are still on and working but no signal. When the last one happens I have to restart pc cause they nvr turn back on. Any guesses if these are because of the gpu or the motherboard? how would I be able to troubleshoot this without having extra hardware to try? PCPartPicker Part List Type Item Price
  3. you could always go full overkill and set up a camera with ai that will turn on and find all the chickens and when it sees them all inside it will close the door, if not it will notify you that they aren't all inside *big brain* (this is stupid and probably flawed just being stupid btw)
  4. IDK if this is the right place, but i have the Olight Valkyrie PL-MINI (its a light) and it charges using a magnetic charger that is supposed to just snap into place. It worked when I got it and it worked well for a while, and IDK how but somehow the polarity of the magnet inside the light got reversed?! If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this PLEASE HELP!!
  5. the only problems there, are getting someone to install it, and wether the roof can even have something mounted on they also currently have a kit from harbor freight (i heard those arent that great), but they had a whirlwind that picked it up and threw it a bit and its all cracked. it still works somewhat but obviously not as well which is why the ones i sent could work well. I am however looking here to see if there is a better alternative. *shrug*
  6. So, I'm looking at solar power to get for a friend out on the Navajo Reservation (Arizona US). It would need to be quite durable as they have lots of small sandstorms, whirlwinds and sometimes hail. It doesn't need to have to be able to put out lots of power, it just needs to be able to charge a few devices off of USB. I have so far found this... https://gosun.co/products/solarpanel-30-plus https://gosun.co/products/powerbank-plus so 1) does what i have found look like it would work well and give enough power etc. 2) is it worth the price 3) are there better alternatives
  7. this is very true lol, too many times have i wanted to do something and luckily realizing that i was in WAAAAAAY over my head (thankfully i am yet to waste a ton of money trying to do something i couldnt)
  8. ooh alright this one might work, thanks ill check it out
  9. https://www.amazon.com/AGPtEK-U3-Reproductor-grabación-soporta/dp/B01NAJ3KQB/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=battery+operated+mp3+player&qid=1592980542&s=electronics&sr=1-3 i think this might work, thoughts? wouldnt be ideal, but i could take the files and load them on here ahead of time, it just means that instead of sending new usb sticks i would have to bring the device back home if i ever wanted to load on more files for them Update: this wont work because im a total idiot and forgot that to hook this up to speakers you would need to power the speakers. (sry for wa
  10. alright so i kinda worded this wrong and forgot about some stuff. So we have some family friends that live in Arizona (US) who dont have running water or electricity. I was hoping i could find something that could play the audio content of usb sticks to get for them. So it would need to be able to play audio from a usb stick, and preferably run on batteries (sry for the confusion)
  11. so is there a device that you could put a usb stick into to play the audio files off of it and be able to "select tracks"? so kind of like an ipod or whatever but u can just put in a usb stick? prefferably $40 or less or if not, a cheap way to make one?? prefferably than has a 3.5mm jack to plug into with headphones or some speakers
  12. the only fan settings in BIOS is enabling or disabling Q-fan control, and where do I download speedfan from that link??
  13. i have no idea for the other ones, and i couldnt figure out the controls for speedfan