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    Watching you.

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    Radio and Telecom


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    Gigabyte Z87X-DH3
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    Mushkin 16GB
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    Nvidia GTX 1070FE
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    Fractal Define R4
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    Crucial 240gb + 1TB RAID0
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    Corsair TX750
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    HP 23bw
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    TT Water 2.0 Performer
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    Varmilo mint TKL
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    Tek Syndicate
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    Schiit Stack + HD598SE

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  1. I mean you don't really, you compare the noise and colour scheme
  2. Ideally you'd order them up a refurb and run the old one without a heat spreader and fry it so no one ever has to deal with it again
  3. Automated tournaments weren't in from day 1
  4. If you have a huge spike in power your landlord will definitely investigate, unless you're not telling us it's actually just your parents.
  5. Tldr; I would have made different choices and making videos to get views is bad
  6. Because 99% of reviews aren't done for quality of testing, they're done for views and as such are beholden to being entertaining. Reviewers want easily repeatable easy to digest information that both shows clear delineations between products and is also the current flavour of testing.
  7. I liked this one but they really needed to shoutcast the matches for better viewing
  8. Nothing because the whole concept is dumb. Just buy the better part in a few years and save your money