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  1. Charging phones and usb takes such a ridiculously low wattage that no it doesn't make sense to run low voltage wire in a house. That's more travel trailer territory. Grid tied with battery backup is probably 15k on the low end.
  2. This is the answer stop trying to big brain it
  3. Idk my wife is fine with it, hers is better than mine. You want ire, start buying car parts
  4. It's normally supposed to be folded about 90 degrees clockwise. It's something that happens pretty regularly when a main board is installed. If you look, the one on the usb port also needs to be moved. Like I said, the easy way is to just bend it all the way counter clockwise and maybe snap it off. It won't hurt it
  5. Oh and turn off your computer first and unplug it
  6. You can just bend that little tab all the way out if you want the easy way. The slightly harder way is to pull out on that plate a bit and bend the tab towards the inside, out of the way
  7. I didn't read but ibuprofen and maybe some of that numbing gel is the best way to go. If the pain is too much for that to handle you need to talk to the dentist
  8. No the 3400g and the like are great and super affordable
  9. Bud that's functionally the same score
  10. I'm not big on the 3min ad "skits" in a 7 minute video
  11. "I can't believe shipping takes a long time with the current pandemic leading to unprecedented use of the postal system where's my one day prime" Gosh some of you are entitled That being said if you've only just sent a message (30th) no I wouldn't expect them to get back to you until maybe this week (6th)
  12. It's worse than the caliber? Chrysler that's the wrong way to outdo yourself jesus h christ
  13. My wife and sister both prefer unisex, so there are sales going to women that aren't reflected in the YT demographics but I would imagine they aren't large numbers either. That being said I need some new shirts my highLANder shirt is getting threadbare
  14. Just buy the card and put it in don't build a whole new system
  15. They only have to succeed once and every shitty thing they do like this further normalizes unethical practices
  16. He means the physical connector is $0.15 more expensive. Then that the additional circuitry and engineering to implement charging over type c is a lot more work than a micro b. I'm not sure what's confusing
  17. They probably analyzed how many legit accounts use proton and how many spam/bit/whatever accounts use proton(hint: a lot) and made the decision. Another forum I'm a part of probably half of the spam comes from proton accounts
  18. I usually kept it around 1/3 and it got real loud about 2/3s
  19. I had the original schitt stack and it was fine with high impedance headphones, idk what to say
  20. Overnight shipping isn't the same thing as priority processing
  21. They're just watches man buy whatever you want, or not. /I only buy citizen or seiko