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    AMD FX-8350
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    Asrock 970 Extreme3 R2.0
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    Kingston HyperX 4GB @ 1866 MHz
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    ASUS HD 7750
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    1863GB Seagate ST2000DM001-1CH164
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    Asus VS228NE 21.5"
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    Logitech B100
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    Windows 7
  1. Hello I'd like assitance with a problem that has been bothering me for some days now I have a 2nd hand Gigabyte HD 7850 1GB (default clock 900, memclock 1200) and I have 2 problems: 1.- I used MSI Afterburner for a while and even after removing it I can't get my GPU Memclock to go above 1300. If i set a value above 1300 it does change tho. 2.- A few games (Max Payne 3, Port Royale 3, Age of Mythology) crash most likely due to this issue -bars appear on the screen, sound stops after 1-5 seconds, computer freezes and i have to manually restart. most of the time when i was testing OC on MSI Afterburner that kind of crash meant memory clock was too high so i think thats the problem here with these games So, what the h*ck do I do now? I want to lower to default memclock (1200) Even the default AMD Crimson driver doesnt let me go under 1300, wich is now the minimum. I reinstalled MSI to see the overlay and try and fix it but even then i dont get it to go under 1300. Pictures any help is appreciated!
  2. Thanks for the help. Why do lower Watt PSUs are more expensive? All the cheapest 15-20€ ones are 500W ! picoPSU seems like the best choice for this kind of builds, and even then they are more expensive than what I thought. (cheapest i found is like 40€ to be sent to spain
  3. A friend was asking me for the cheapest 1st hand PC I could get just for web browsing and I found THIS But its a 10W CPU. (Intel Dual-Core J1800) Would there be any problem using a 500W PSU for this ? Best regards.
  4. this is awesome man! Could someone make a guide on how to easily do this for 2 or 3 gamers on a moderate gaming machine with a mid range graphics card? I would love trying it out!
  5. Hello. I recently bought a Tacens Versa Slim because I thought my old PC would look great inside it. Now I realised that I need a smaller PSU and my GPU won't fit. I made the PSU fit regardless by placing it where a CD unit should be and making the cable actually come out of there. I tried connecting my screen to the integrated motherboard graphics but it gives no signal. What am I doing wrong? Also I had to put my HDD like this wich is probably not the best way. What it looks like: What I wanted: So is there just no way of fitting a graphics card on this kind of PC case ? Should I just send this back and change it for a slightly bigger casE?
  6. Well I can do the Catzilla DX11 benchmark and PerformanceTest dx11 benchmark at the incredible framerate of 2-8 fps Also, gonna try the AMD driver for HD 3650 on that website you sent! It's awesome that the links are not dead for such an old card.
  7. Thanks a bunch! I'll give that a shot. My version of HD 3650 is PCI-E tho- tried the 10.4 version of the ATI Catalyst driver to see if thats the issue but the performance is actually quite worse and it gives huge artifacts on the Catzilla benchmark wich is DX11
  8. The other day I decided to turn on my old PC for the first time in a while and try to crank some OC settings up. The thing is, trying to OC my old Sapphire Radeon HD 3650, whatever setting I select on MSI Afterburner, the GPU clock stays at 722 Hz (I see this thanks to RivaTuner) Anyone has experience doing OC on old hardware? How could I fix this? Best regards.
  9. Bought Fallout 3 two times just to have it on Steam. Also, pre-ordered Red Orchestra 2 full price when my PC was barely able to run it at 30 fps. By the time I could run it decently they were giving Rising Storm for free and Red Orchestra for like 10€
  10. Clockwork was a beast as scout It's a shame he got so fed up with the way Valve runs things... Otherwise he'd probably still play both TF2 and Overwatch. Other than that, this is a great time to see how fights for the title of NA champion. Things won't be as predictable as before Who knows who will be the world champion at i58 next year!
  11. The legendary dynasty of North American powerhouse froyotech came to an end in the early hours of Tuesday as they lost a very tightly contested lower bracket final to Team SoloUber, thus breaking their perfect record of qualifying for every grand final. clockwork, the team’s star scout, offered us the following thoughts: Overall, my experience with froyotech was very positive. froyotech was a one-of-a-kind team, and our performance has created a legacy. Even though we didn’t end things in the most impressive way, I feel accomplished as a TF2 player. Many of our teammates, since the release of Overwatch, have had waning interest in TF2 (myself included). As a result, our team cohesion took a heavy hit. Personally, I’m going to concentrate on Overwatch and probably back up for another Invite team. Grant "b4nny" Vincent, one of the few players that make a living off TF2, twitted: This entire season it's been clear that I was pretty much the only one who cared about the game and our results. Win or lose it was over. Froyotech as we know it is over. By far the greatest team I've ever had the pleasure of playing on, but certainly not the last. froyotech, which ends without having lost a LAN title (including two world championships), fielded the following main players throughout its history: - b4nny (captain) - ash - blaze - clockwork - dummy - duwatna - lansky - Ruwin - shade Thread in teamfortress.tv
  12. VGA can go as high as 2048x1536px @85 Hz, and the lower the resolution, the higher the refresh rate. doubt any CRT can do a resolution over 1024x768 at 200 Hz anyway, but maybe there is one that can anyways, heres a cool video i just found on the subject of response time
  13. This is a high end build. I would have chosen a different graphics card tho, mainly for the huge consumption, and cheaper pieces that give better performance per dollar, but other than that, looks great and can probably play 99% of new titles on the next 5 years.
  14. This might not be the most fashionable looking thing ever, but I wanted to get an old white mechanical keyboard (saw a few for cheap in 2nd hand websites) and a white mouse, to go with my white CRT that I love for shooters and retrogaming. You might think "CRTs? Those old things?" but they still hold a few benefits, partly from just the way they work: Great for console emulation, as they can adapt to different resolutions better and dont have a preset "preffered" res Great for fast-paced games, as the display lag is as low as it can get (1-3ms, was thought to be none until recent years) Provide higher refresh rate than 60Hz. Most of them allow over 70Hz depending on the resolution. Refresh rates under 70Hz in CRTs might be tiring for your eyes. Some can go as high as 200 Hz. Cheap as heck. Ofc it has a few disadvantages like the huge space they take and how much they weight. So what's your opinion on CRTs?
  15. I've decided to do a fresh install on windows, since besides having the problem with that driver, I also wanted to change my partitions on the SSD so that its all for windows (its a small 60 GB SSD) Now it turns on faster than ever! and the internet doesnt take half a minute to load Thanks for the people who helped