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  1. OMG!!! amazing and beautiful build!!! Tks for sharing it with everyone
  2. OMG the headset looks amazing!!! the design and the foam look so nice! Tks to LTT and Feenix for this awesome giveaway
  3. damn... i look at Zotac's version and i only think that all the other manufactures need to step their game up!! apart from (g1 gaming from gigabyte) the omega looks amazing! but the extreme is really impressive, in my opinion, who cares about plastic, if it looks, feels and performs good, then that's all that matters
  4. I can't believe it has been that long! GG Linus and all your team! Entertaining and Educating everyone in the interwebs! Thank You!
  5. wow... i got the chills! i missed this! amazing log!
  6. Axis

    Sony Xperia Z2

    Very nice giveaway! Tks dbrand and Linus! Front speakers? hurray!!! That skin looks amazing
  7. Loved the "be quiet! comercial" And from Jay loved the "How to blow your budget on a $800 WC loop guide" Tks to both for giving us awesome content!
  8. Ok i've manually installed one beta driver and got CCC to work, but now my TV looses sound after a few seconds playing a movie, i have a monitor connected to the DVI port and a TV to the HDMI... must be another conflict with the HDMI sound driver.. The joy of new OS's and old hardware
  9. I know that this is not related to "storage" but its a follow up on what I was trying to achieve... stepping in to windows 8.1 I've been trying to get win 8.1 to work for hours... but I think this is a fail for me I contacted AMD to make sure that my old but trustworthy HD4890 would work on windows 8 or 8.1 and they said that would work with no problems... even after downloading the official drivers from their website I was still skeptical. Well my friends, after hours of trying different driver versions for 7, 8, 8.1 of normal, beta and legacy... no luck, I guess I'm going back to win 7
  10. roger that! all of this because i'm finally going to try wind 8.1 and always wondered about the controler modes, but i guess i'll just leave it as it is
  11. that is my big question, if the RAID mode is just like AHCI but with the option to make arrays, if so, then i dont need to change anything, right? yep i did setup the array before any OS was installed on the SSD, ctrl+something in the BIOS raid config the arrays made inside windows with the windows disk manager app are equal in performance vs the arrays made with BIOS raid config ?
  12. Hey everyone i've been using RAID mode for 2 years without a problem, but i always wondered if i could or should use AHCI. Why i use RAID ? well i have an SSD Intel330 120gb only for the OS , and then i have 2x HDD 500gb seagates in RAID0 for all my other stuff and so far no problem, but i was wondering what config in BIOS should i use with my hardware. The thing is, my motherboard only lets me choose one of the 3 options, IDE, AHCI and RAID... So my question is, what mode should i use and if i choose to run in AHCI will i still be able to RAID the 2 HDDs ? (i haven't tryed changing it to AHCI yet because i'm afraid to loose the array and all my stuff in it) :unsure:
  13. Very nice video review! loved it! great work! About the phone, i really like the build quality and the brushed finishing! Tks to LTT and HTC for this giveaway!
  14. oh ok! but i think they know when something shorts because of water well i wish you good luck anyway and hope they fix it or give you a new one eeheh