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  1. PsychoClan

    Origin, Games for Windows Live, or Uplay. Which is worse?

    It's obvious! Steam!!!! Just kidding. GFW.
  2. PsychoClan

    Humble Bundle GIVEAWAY! :D

  3. I will finally get HTC One Black!!!

  4. PsychoClan

    Game giveaway!!! 3x games!!!

    giveaway 1 - 176
  5. PsychoClan

    WD, HTC, and 900D Giveaway Winner List!!

    Next year I guess. xD
  6. PsychoClan

    5 most underpriced products in your opinion?

    1) Nexus 2)Steelseries 6gv2 3)AMD Phenom II X4 965 Box Black Edition 4)LG Monitors the best and cheapest 5)Nikon D3100 kit
  7. PsychoClan

    Monitor calibration program?

    Can you guys suggest good monitor calibration software? I would of course prefer freeware -- or else something that isn't too expensive. Also, I know there are actually some sites that offer free calibrating guides -- basic stuff, of course -- but supposedly good enough to permit reasonably accurate colors. I've tried a few already, but none have proved sufficient. Have you guys had any success calibrating your monitors using online utilities? If so, which one do you think is the best? The default and "AUTO" settings on my monitor are clearly out of kilter. So I have been trying -- quite unsuccessfully -- to calibrate my monitor using both the software provided by its manufacturer and Windows' calibration utility. I always end up with images that are tinted with too much green, too much red, or too much blue. Thank you in advance for your advice.
  8. PsychoClan

    Portal 2

    at steam
  9. PsychoClan

    Portal 2

    Does anyone want to trade portal 2 for Garry's mod?
  10. PsychoClan

    Summer Sale Is Here!!

    For Dead island?
  11. PsychoClan

    Summer Sale Is Here!!

    OMG! OK
  12. PsychoClan

    Summer Sale Is Here!!

    I bought all Flash sales and community choice. And couple of daily sales.
  13. PsychoClan

    Summer Sale Is Here!!

    You know we are at different time zones I'm at Europe!
  14. PsychoClan

    Summer Sale Is Here!!

    its not at flash sales anymore!
  15. PsychoClan

    Summer Sale Is Here!!

    nope wait for a last day sales. :)