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    Trondjæm, Norway
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    pc, duh
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    gtx 780, i5-4670k, z87 sabertooth TUF, cm stryker, 120gb 840 series ssd, 2x 500gb western digital hdd, 750w xfx, h100i with two 120mm noctua sp fans... thats all, i think.. until now, buying another 780 next summer or sell my 780 and buy a 790 somethimes next year
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    small jobs for my neigbours
  1. I just want to start a little discussion about this video and ask, what is the funniest virus you have gotten?
  2. agains the rules? sorry did not know that Personally i dont like the advertisment because it is made for the cild school, (its a school for 6years olds to 17 year olds)
  3. Hey, soo... My school have a competition where you have to get as many likes on facebook as possible on a photo and if you have the most likes you can win a SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 3 10,1"! I had to post a photo of one of the schools advertisment that have been hanged up in malls all around town. Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=633088466762490&set=o.169272539777018&type=1&theater&notif_t=like I would be forever gratefulll if you deside to spend 10 seconds of your day leaving a like on this picture making me a really happy man Thank you
  4. #PirateBay, free anti-virus (at the risk of getting an virus) and free *Insert program needed*
  5. I am currently watching "The book of Eli" even tough it`s 04:33AM over here in Norwway and i have school starying at 08:30AM and i have to get up at 06:30AM So far it`s a god damn good movie Thanks for the suggestion I must say that... that man have a hell lots of bullets in his gun
  6. In one round without dying or in total?
  7. what is the best post apocapyptic movies you have ever seen? I`m not much of a movie watcher but i have played a ot of S.T.A.LL.K.E.R, DayZ and Fallout latley and i just suddently wanted to watch movies that are kinda simular to those kind of senarios. Any suggestions to good movies to watch? Thanks for any suggestions, i will probaly go down to the library to get 3-5 movies that have been suggested after school tomorrow to watch over the upcoming weekend
  8. H100i fans if they are set to 500 rpm they are not making much noice...
  9. doesn`t seems like anybody got any other idea. nice that they sent you a brand new Apex keyboard!
  10. my pc is making too much sound while idle, not bcus of cpu or gpu fans but because of horrible shity fans that came with my CM stryker
  11. i use EVGA persision x on my MSI reference 780
  12. EVGA persisin x is letting my gpu go down to 26% which is 4% lower. Not a huge difference, but at least it`s something
  13. This is how to do it the safe way! :D :) :lol: