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    just read your thread, hope youre still active cause the thread is like 4 years old now...ive had this problem since 2013...and its not just limited to pc, my consoles also suffer from this.. it all started when i was playing my old ps3 in 2013 and the tv settings were in demo where the tv would reset itself in every 30 minutes, and it did reset when i was playing my ps3 and the the tv went black and turned on again resetting the settings to defaults, but along the setttings everyting looked bad, the resolution looked bad the textures, it felt like ps2 graphics with slight boost in quality...i played ps3 with the same graphics and when in 2015 when i build a budget computer of gtx 750 the graphics didnt look good as they show on youtube..(i didnt user my pc much in the two years,or didnt play games much) ..i then got a ps4 in the same year and graphics still looked bad..i researched on web and found out it is infact the aliasing that had been causing the probelm...so yeah there are flickering lies even in ultra settnigs in pc and the games just look off..and ps4 graphics just look bad bad textures, overall bad.....


    have you fixed this issue? 

  2. see if you can get a HD 78xx or a gtx 660 for that although you will probably have to increase that budget a bit to get anything that will run FO4 decently
  3. where in tarnation did you get one for 200
  4. I was looking for a headphone with good noise cancelling capabilities without being too expensive, so I stumbled upon the Sony MDR-100ABN. Now I have little experience when it comes to headphones, so I'm confused in regards to the whole wireless thing. These headphones are wireless, but I intend on using them on my desktop PC. I don't want to go through the hassle of getting a bluetooth dongle and was wondering if in general, you can connect wireless headphones with a wire and have them work properly. Does any have any experience with this?
  5. For anyone who may have the same problem, check your motherboard manufactuer's website. Mine only offered askylake VGA driver but somehow, it worked.
  6. If that is on the highest settings, 100 sounds about normal. Your CPU usage is 40% because league can't use those 8 threads. also fx in 2k17
  7. right I forgot about that, I was wrong there kiddo
  8. RX 480 if you care about DX12 performance (not that there are any decently functioning DX12 games out anyway) GTX 1060 6GB in any other case. It's faster than the rx 480 8GB and probably cheaper. You don't need that last 2GB of vram.
  9. thats where ur wrong kiddo, when I first booted my PC after building it, I had both my monitors connected to my motherboard and ended up getting no display. I had to connect em both to my GPU to get display.
  10. Alas, on an attempt of installing these it gives me the incompatibility error.
  11. If anyone anywhere may ever stumble upon the same problem, apparantly MSI's EZ Debug Led just like to stay red on the RAM modules for a couple of seconds on boot. I ran a memtest and both my sticks are fine.
  12. I've looked all over Intel's website, but I cannot find the Intel HD drivers for the pentium G4560. It has the intel HD 610 chipset and Intel's website only has drivers for the 620 and the 615. Does anyone have any clue where these could be?
  13. From what I've seen, the i3 is about 10% faster than the G4560 and costs double the amount, I don't see why I would do that. And yeah I'll check the manual about that.
  14. I recently bought a Bazooka B150M 1151 motherboard coupled with a g4560. It took me a while until I figured out the reason my PC wouldn't even get into the BIOS is because the motherboard's BIOS version was too outdated to work with the new kaby lake cpu's. However, when I turn on my computer, the MSI EZ Debug flashes red not only on the CPU, but also on the RAM. Now the RAM sticks here are a couple of new ones I ordered and they're just ordinary ddr4 2133mhz ram sticks. So my question is, could it be a faulty debug reading due to the fact that my CPU isn't compatible with the motherboard, or could my RAM sticks be legit broken. I'd like to know, because I'm about to order a skylake pentium (and return it after I'm done flashing the BIOS) and it'd be good to know if I may have to order some new RAM aswell.