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  • CPU
    Ryzen Threadripper 2950X
  • Motherboard
    MSI X399 Gaming Pro Carbon AC
  • RAM
    G.Skill Trident Z RGB 4x8GB DDR4-3200 14-13-13-21
  • GPU
    Aorus Xtreme Waterforce GTX 1080 Ti WB Edition
  • Case
    Inwin 909 (Silver)
  • Storage
    Samsung 950 Pro 500GB
  • PSU
    Corsair AX1600i
  • Display(s)
  • Cooling
    EK Monoblock
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K65 Rapidfire
  • Mouse
    Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum
  • Sound
    Sennheiser HD 6XX
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 64-bit

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  1. Carclis

    Ryzen OR Threadripper?

    Well the QVL is there as an indicator of what you might expect your memory to reach. Given that there are a significant number of kits tested it would suggest that 3400 is very unlikely. It's also possible that the board hasn't been updated to show validation for the 2nd gen TR so there's that. Out of the three I'd be looking at the other two you mentioned since it's probably more of a better match. I'm not sure how they compare though. One thing you might prefer is the Taichi since it uses a Lotes socket rather than Foxconn though. Should make installation a hell of a lot easier I really wouldn't worry about the RAM though. Just know that you'll most likely get 2933Mhz and maybe more if you're lucky with 8 dimms. Should still perform quite well, especially if you tweak the timings.
  2. Carclis

    Ryzen OR Threadripper?

    Because 8 dimms means 2 dims per channel. If you look at any Ryzen/Threadripper board you'll notice the supported speeds drops quite dramatically if you do that. My board for example has a handful of 8 dimm kits validated at 2933Mhz and those are all 3000/3200Mhz kits. So I'd say you're probably doing well if you manage to pull 3200Mhz off. Edit: So I looked at your boards QVL list and the only kits validated at 3400Mhz are done so with 2/4 modules installed.
  3. Carclis

    Ryzen OR Threadripper?

    A couple of things you could do. It looks like you need a lot of RAM which means TR is probably the better option (you also won't be getting 3400Mhz working with 8 dimms). So you could opt for TR but waiting for it to go on clearance or you could wait for Ryzen 3000 which might not actually launch with a 16 core part immediately.
  4. Pretty sure there have been flying cars over a decade ago...
  5. Well what I'm saying is that if this is a high effort application of the technology then I'd be having serious concerns over whether or not it's going to be relevant. Most companies won't have the skill or resources that Square Enix have either. So what good is it if 30% of the transistors on your GPU are there solely to produce an effect that is more cheaply done by alternate means on the rest of the GPU with almost identical performance and results?
  6. The real game is trying to space out your hardware changes so that Origin doesn't lock you out of your account for 24 hours. Considering this game was heavily used to promote the Nvidia cards and Nvidia was even involved with it since one of the first trailers of the game I would say that it's probably not a low effort implementation.
  7. Carclis

    Nvidia cuts revenue projections by $500m

    It most certainly is. It might be showing you a limited version because you do not have an account? I guess we'll see how this affects them in the long run but with Navi on the horizon it sounds like an impossible feat for them to achieve the same levels of revenue because margins will be limited by the necessity to compete and sales will be reduced due to the supposedly huge inventory they still need to get rid of.
  8. Carclis

    Nvidia cuts revenue projections by $500m

    Here is the Quote: and:
  9. Carclis

    Nvidia cuts revenue projections by $500m

    Two quarters ago at an earnings call Jensen said he had approximately two quarters worth of inventory and in their target adjustment that this news post is based on they claimed that the inventory in the channel was depleting as expected. Now the news article I posted suggests that there is two and potentially even more quarters of inventory sitting in the channel still and I'm genuinely unsure how that would be possible if both of his statements are to be true. Jensen has shown a lot of reluctance towards answering inventory related questions and tends to stutter a lot when asked about it. I'm just saying that his communication hasn't been close to transparent when it comes to discussing inventory and that I think he's intentionally done that to mislead shareholders who would likely be very concerned if they saw the real inventory numbers. If inventory is still a concern come May then we'll know for sure.
  10. Carclis

    Nvidia cuts revenue projections by $500m

    Speaking of which. I guess I might have been onto something. These guys are suggesting that Nvidia has far more inventory than he has led investors to believe. https://seekingalpha.com/article/4237475-nvidia-strong-market-disguising-downside-potential?dr=1
  11. That was the whole point. They got free advertising from basically every news outlet which is impressive since I've heard nearly nothing about the game outside of Nvidia demonstrating RTX in it. What they have done is intentionally listed the game for pre-orders on Steam whilst knowing that they would be going Epic Games exclusive and by them publicly announcing that "it's available while stocks last" but it will be restocked in a years time, they have essentially created their own Disney Vault.
  12. Sometimes the simplest solution is the best one. The publisher should have just released the game on both platforms with the only caveat being that the Steam version is more expensive in order to cover the larger cut that Steam takes. In this scenario gamers would have had a choice as to whether or not the convenience of remaining on the Steam platform was worth forking the extra money out for or pocketing the savings and moving to the Epic Games platform as the publisher had hoped for. Instead they've potentially ruined the launch of a game that is likely to be great. It's really not that complicated...
  13. Carclis

    Nvidia cuts revenue projections by $500m

    He claimed that cryptocurrency was basically dead in the July earnings call and that was the reason for poor gaming market performance since the mining craze had driven up GPU prices. Then in the following earnings call in November he claimed that gaming market performance was still down because of the "crypto hangover" which had resulted in prices still remaining high, but he also remarked that demand for Turing products was "fantastic". Now we're hearing that just a little bit out from their next earnings call they're lowering projections citing that there is no problem with their inventory and it's depleting in line with their predictions, but gaming product demand and primarily Turing products are experiencing demand that is below expectations, even after prices had come down. What that says to me is that Nvidia has failed to read the market in a significant number of areas; something I find difficult to believe given how long they have been in the industry, or they lied in one or multiple of their prior statements.
  14. Carclis

    Nvidia cuts revenue projections by $500m

    Well I believe their last investor meetings were also less than honest. Remember when Jensen said that they were "masters of inventory management" and that cryptocurrency mining dying off would not affect their ability to meet targets?
  15. Carclis

    Nvidia cuts revenue projections by $500m

    They mentioned mid-range specifically as being the one that is in oversupply, but clearing out as expected (they didn't say Chinese inventory as far as I can tell). They also mentioned that Chinese market is performing lower than expected due to poor economic conditions. So it sounds like cryptocurrency is only mentioned to state that it's responsible for the mid-range oversupply but not the current poor performance compared to projections. Given that the Turing is cited as performing poorly across the board it sounds like they're suggesting that everybody who would have purchased that ended up purchasing Pascal cards, which would have resulted in the inventory levels clearing as expected.