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  1. Hey so quick question how is 1070 Ti performance in newer games in 2019. Also how will it fare as new games release. I'm looking into this card for games like Ghost Recon Break point and RDR2, and just want to know if it will hold up well over time.
  2. Yes, the models were used. I had seen a Strix card at $220 but that was gone in about a few hours. I currently see an Aourus 1070 $240. Also I am upgrading manly to play newer games mainly Ghost Recon Breakpoint, RDR2, possibly Fallout 76, and also Watchdogs Legion when that releases.
  3. Okay so I am looking for an upgrade for my RX 570 4gb and I was looking at the 1660 Super and RX 5700 but I don't really want to spend the price to get a 5700. Would a 1070Ti be a good card for a few years even if bought now in 2019? I using a 1080p display at 60hz. Also long term which would be better. I know the 1070Ti has more VRAM but it is older and I would think the others should be supported for longer. The 1660 Super I am looking at is around $229.99, the 5700 is around $299.99, and the 1070 Ti is somewhere in the ballpark of $220-250.
  4. I don't really know yet but I would probably prefer something smaller.
  5. Games like Anno 1800, Far Cry 5, Just Cause 4, and possibly Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Mostly AAA games no esports titles.
  6. So I am thinking about upgrading my gpu and while doing that I am thinking about upgrading my monitor as well. Is 1440p 60 hz or 1080p 144hz a better option. Also I have never seen high refresh rate display so I do not know how big of a difference it is.
  7. Well I want something that will still be halfway decent then and most new cards that have the option for water blocks are just too expensive so yeah kinda.
  8. So I currently have an RX 570 4gb and I am looking to upgrade via the used market (Ebay) because you can get some great deals right now. My problem is I eventually want to water cool my computer in 2-4 years and want something that I can get a full cover water block for in the future (So no higher end EVGA versions of the NVIDIA cards and no higher end versions of the Sapphire cards). I was looking around the 1070, 1070 Ti, and Vega 56 range, but I also don't want the card to look bad with the stock cooling solution. Know any good cards I should be on the look out for? Thanks!
  9. So I have recently built a computer with the ryzen 5 1600 at 4gHz with the old version of the corsair H60 AIO. I do want to change out a few parts and add more memory, so trying to save money anywhere. I bought the AIO for about $40 at best buy on black friday. Would it be worth trying to sell the cooler on ebay and just using the wraith spire that came included. I have seen some able to get 3.9 gHz with the spire at around 72 degrees celsius at max. I do not have the best case for airflow that is actually what I am thinking about changing, I have the Coolermaster Masterbox lite 5.
  10. So I bought the Masterbox lite 5 as my first computer component and after a lot of reviews I want to know if anyone knows what kind of thermals this case would give because I am considering selling it back on ebay and getting something like the Mastercase H500 or some other pc case.
  11. I know they don’t just like what the ballpark is for that cpu
  12. So I recently bought a 1st gen ryzen chip for Black Friday and I was wondering if anyone would know if team groups Vulcan memory would work with Ryzen. I did check the QVL list and saw some Team Group products on it but didn’t know if they specifically were Vulcan. Thanks
  13. So I got the 2013 version of the H60 and a ryzen 5 1600 for a good Black Friday deal, how far (estimated) do you think I could overclock the cpu? I am new to overclocking and pc building in general. Thanks
  14. So I know this has been asked before, but need to know specifically which would be a better option for my case, 3 120mm fans or 2 140mm fans. I got the masterbox lite 5 before realizing it had a bad system for air intake, so while I am thinking about changing out my fans I just need to know what can give me the better airflow. Thanks http://www.coolermaster.com/case/mid-tower/masterbox-lite-5/