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    Gross. My least favorite kind of movie.
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  1. iLenovo

    Walmart PC from hell!

    Shit, now it’s not recognizing the USB lol
  2. iLenovo

    Walmart PC from hell!

    Although you didn’t fix it, you made it better. I used different keyboard and bam. Worked first try. Thx lol.
  3. iLenovo

    Walmart PC from hell!

    That’s not what I’m looking for, and my PC doesn’t have that as an option, that is, if you are talking about Advanced restart stuff.
  4. iLenovo

    Walmart PC from hell!

    Before I RMA it i might as well email the company that makes the computer and see where that gets me.
  5. iLenovo

    Walmart PC from hell!

    Yes, just entering it would be enough for me. Perhaps I need to force it into bios somehow?
  6. iLenovo

    Walmart PC from hell!

    Both don’t seem to work. Not sure if it is ignoring my input or what, I’ve tried holding delete and f2,as well as rapidly spamming them. Should I try different keyboard?
  7. iLenovo

    Walmart PC from hell!

    This is a somewhat cheap prebuilt I purchased to run Linux on. After about 3 hours of trying to find the BIOS key or anything at all for the computer, I have resorted to my go-to for things like this. It is a CyberPowerPC [GUA1200BST] Please. If you get me to where I can access BIOS I will send some bitcoin or ether your way. Help much needed! why? I spent about 70 dollars in monitor mode WiFi adapters, so pls below is the model of the mobo and the humorous version number (not photoshopped, use fotoforensics if you don’t believe me)
  8. I was trying to setup Linux on a cheap Walmart pc I purchased for fun, turns out it’s absolute hell to find it. During my adventure, I went to find my mobo model and apparently the version number is “sex” https://imgur.com/a/VEwRI
  9. My memory is 8GB DDR3 SDRAM and I am looking to upgrade to normal RAM. Will it be okay?
  10. iLenovo


    Yeah... For those of you who don't already know, my old (and perfectly fine) PC kinda got the electric chair after my surge protector only protected itself, and not the $2,000 items hooked to it. I didn't want to put another one together, so I stuck with a temporary $500 prebuilt (CYBERPOWER [they never have product names...]) Upon opening the first one, it had become victim of FedEx shipping. The box was barely hanging on, and when I got home, It would turn on but the monitor would always give me a mobo issue. Whaaaaatever. Meanwhile, when the next one came in, it worked good, except now I am realizing the downsides of getting a pre. Let's say, internet bridges, adapters, or anything made by TP-LINK has been deemed unreliable. I already lived with 'bearable' AT&T speeds, but when I had to use an adapter or whatever its called, it all when downhill. I am talking disconnections every 1 minute, constant drops in speed, and random adapter crashes. It takes longer to get to google than it was to start up the computer! Even when I tried to press the 'New Topic' button on these forums, I got another crash and I had to login AGAIN. Oh, and not to mention, the PC came with DVD's for the newest firmware for the adapter, but guess what...? The PC doesn't even HAVE A DVD DRIVE. I can't download the new stuff because the download is always interrupted. The adapter is a TP-LINK AC600.
  11. iLenovo

    i just posted my ip on internet

    Turning your router off and back on won't change your IP address.
  12. iLenovo

    Bad Luck or Real Problem?

    Doesn't matter. New one is a pre built, too lazy to build one again.
  13. iLenovo

    Can't boot to windows after deleting ubuntu partition

    Try changing your PC's boot setting. It should be somewhere under 'Boot Menu' in the BIOS.
  14. iLenovo

    Bad Luck or Real Problem?

    Recently, my main custom-built PC's motherboard died. The repair cost was greater than the PC itself, so I sprang for a new one. A few days ago, the new one came in and immediately the graphics card or mobo got shorted. Is this a problem with my outlets or power?
  15. iLenovo

    Help With Motherboard

    1) Yes, recently an electrician was messing with breakers to outlets in my house 2) Got very slow performance 3) Nope