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    Pretty fly, for a white guy.
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    United States, Florida


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    Intel 4670k
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    Asus z97-WS
  • RAM
    Corsair Vengeance Pro 1866mhz ram (2x4gb)
  • GPU
    2 EVGA 780 Classified w/ Backplate in SLI
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    CM HAF Stacker 935
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    1TB WD HDD, 120 GB Kingston SSD
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    Be Quiet! Dark Power 1200w PSU
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    2 24" monitors, 1 4k Monitor (Acer B286HK)
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    Custom Water Cooling Loop
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    Corsair K65 RGB
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    Logitech G600
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    Astro A50

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  1. My number is 2580xx, and still nothing on my side. (Ordered the first day, but after a few hours.)
  2. I ordered mine after a few hours... Hopefully I'm in the first batch or two....
  3. Purchased a 5930k from this (on the day it launched.) Nice upgrade from my 4670k... Now to get a motherboard and DDR4.... On other news "Please allow up to 6 weeks for shipping" - Ugh....
  4. There's a lot more on the website (to some degree), As long as it doesn't say Marketplace above the price, I can still get a discount on them. If there's nothing decent there, I can also just ignore the discount part, and go for the best recommendation.
  5. Hello all, I'm searching for a pair of headphones for gaming and for music listening purposes. My budget sits around 300 dollars, but I have a weird request, if at all possible I'd like a pair that are available from Best Buy (I work there, get an employee discount). As for what I'll be doing, I listen to music, primarily Punk rock, Metal, and music with a lot of drumming. I also play a lot of games, not listening to the game sounds, but rather talking on Mumble. I'm not opposed to something like a mod mic on a nice pair of cans. I'm also in a fairly quiet area, so maybe open back? Thanks for any help!
  6. Push harder, or send pics. "It won't go in" doesn't say much.
  7. a 34 inch ultra wide is the same height as a 27 or so. The size of this ultra wide just makes it a weird size.
  8. This monitor in person is a tad short for my liking height wise. It's an interesting monitor, especially for 200, but it's a weird size to me.
  9. Updated all drivers, CPU isn't hitting 100%, RAM isn't hitting 100%... Not sure.
  10. There isn't one. It's a laptop, but a fairly dated game like World of Warcraft I would assume would perform decently on an i7 alone.
  11. Hello all, I recently purchased an HP Spectre X360 for school mostly, but I nabbed the i7 1080p version so that I could do some light gaming between classes. But what I'm noticing is, even with settings fairly low, I'm getting terrible FPS. I'm only trying to play World of Warcraft, but unless every setting is at absolute minimum, I can't even break 30 FPS. The computer has an i7-5500u, 8gb of ram, and a 1080p panel. I assumed this would be good enough for light gaming? Any ideas, or did I just assume wrong?
  12. I use 2 1080p generic panels (60hz, TN) and one 4k, 60hz, TN panel. (A decent TN, is better than a terrible IPS.)