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Everything posted by Oasis

  1. Oh I know that's the plan, but I doubt they'll stick to it.
  2. I can't wait for 2024 when a third of Steam users are holding on to a deprecated Windows 10 while Microsoft has moved on to Windows One or whatever the fuck they call it.
  3. Not yet, but between it and Erased, I have some shows to watch.
  4. Never seen it. :P Holy, that's a beautiful anime.
  5. Force me to sit in your class and show me a 5 minute clip, maybe I'll get hooked. :P
  6. My CIS professor recommended it and I watched all 4 seasons in a week. It is a great show.
  7. I had no where else to post this wonderful Slick screenshot:
  8. What the flying shit is Bakemonogatari?
  9. I tried to care, but I was going to download the entire thing through Steam regardless. Sad fact of this day and age.
  10. Literally the worst. Fuck cancer straight to hell.
  11. I don't know why, but One Punch Man is super underwhelming to me.
  12. Too bad Android Pay doesn't work with either of my bank accounts. Thanks Google!
  13. You'd be less bored if you watched Hyouka or Free!
  14. Someone should correct me if I'm wrong, but the Maximus VIII has an M-Key connector and the 850 Evo, (maybe Pro too), are M&B key, so I'd think you'd be alright. If you're questioning the physical size, that'll definitely be fine.
  15. Truly the most horrible experience I've had on a Friday night.
  16. Hold on, I just had a look at the req sheet, its just the 4790, not the k.
  17. I can't get those last 3. Fuckin' rainbow slimes.
  18. How about we wait a month and see how it actually plays, rather than flipping a shit at a requirement sheet?
  19. It doesn't require it, its recommended.
  20. It'll run fine. Witcher 3 runs fine, GTA V runs fine, Far Cry 4 ran fine. I'll be fine, don't waste energy flipping out about small shit.