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  1. Jonny.Wong.16

    Streaming server on Windows 7?

    I use Plex media server. All the transcoding is done on the fly on the "server" computer, and it streams to another PC, phone, or tablet running windows, Android, or iOS. You'll have to watch your videos using the Plex media center app on the receiving device though, which shouldn't be a problem. It also works over LAN or WAN.
  2. Jonny.Wong.16

    How old is the Linus Tech Tips Forum?

    Member Since 02 Jan 2013. Yeeeeaaahhhh! B)
  3. Source: http://www.theverge.com/2013/5/20/4349442/yahoo-unveils-the-new-flickr-with-one-terabyte-of-free-space [The Verge] Source: https://secure.flickr.com [Flickr] Holy amazeballs! 1TB of photo storage! I didn't think Yahoo had the resources to offer this given their performance over the past few years, but I guess I was wrong. What do you guys think about this? Do you think services like Google and Dropbox follow suit and upgrade the amount of free space that they offer?
  4. Jonny.Wong.16


    5/10. My PC is in my signature.
  5. First world problems. Nice truck! I'm jealous. :P
  6. Jonny.Wong.16

    Yahoo unveils the new Flickr with one terabyte of free space

    I believe Facebook reduces your photos to 2048px whereas Flickr allows you to upload your full size images. Google also gives unlimited space for photos 2048px or smaller.
  7. Jonny.Wong.16

    HTML code on youtube

    You mean the time stamps? I think you just type it out, like 1:30 and YouTube automatically creates a link to the 1 min 30 second mark.
  8. Jonny.Wong.16

    Go Sens Go!

    I just want to see Iginla win a cup.
  9. Jonny.Wong.16

    For The LinusTech Live Stream :3 :D

    I'd prefer sometime more minimalistic, but better than the current one Linus made in paint. My contribution.
  10. Jonny.Wong.16

    GAMING - Wireless Mouse or not??

    I use a Razer Mamba and I don't notice any input lag while in wireless mode. I also love the convenience of a wireless mouse and not having to deal with a cord. The only issue is sometimes my macro profiles don't auto switch, or take a really long time, when I start a game. ie. I set the DPI up/down buttons to gadgets in BF3 and I don't check the mouse profile before I start playing, then I die cause I can't drop a med-pack. :( In wired mode, there are no problems at all. I hope this helps.
  11. Jonny.Wong.16

    Good software to clean your computer?

    Revo uninstaller to remove programs.
  12. Jonny.Wong.16

    Good Morning

    Mind sending a key my way? =D
  13. Jonny.Wong.16

    what does linus do with all stuff he reviews?....

    Just to add, he is also not allowed to sell or give away any of it, I believe.
  14. Jonny.Wong.16

    Looking for Age of Empires 3

    You can try Amazon. It will be a physical CD, not a digital download.
  15. Jonny.Wong.16


    I love this movie. It never gets old. :lol:
  16. Jonny.Wong.16

    Getting on the livestream : A seriously difficult task

    It would be a much better system if the questions can get filtered before (or even during) the live stream using some form of up/down voting system. Personally, I enjoy the discussion topics more than the Twitter Q&A. It makes the live stream more like an actual show, and not just some guy sitting there answering random questions from people. LMG said they want to improve the production quality, and I believe this is one way to do that. I'm not suggesting getting rid of Q&A completely, but there has to be a more efficient way of dealing with it.
  17. Jonny.Wong.16

    Getting on the livestream : A seriously difficult task

    Am I the only one who is tired of seeing the same questions asked over and over again? "Should I get this video card or that video card?" "What do you think about this unreleased item?"
  18. Jonny.Wong.16

    whats your favorite canadian musician

    I heard Nickelback is pretty good.
  19. Jonny.Wong.16

    Which Country Are You From?

    Vancouver, Canada!
  20. Jonny.Wong.16

    whats your favorite animal.

    Wild: panda Domesticated: husky
  21. Jonny.Wong.16

    Linus's Phone Number Leaked on Livestream

    I'm going to say it...13 year olds on the internet.
  22. Jonny.Wong.16

    Google, you used to be cool.

    Doesn't google take its suggestions from frequently searched terms? As in you can get a bunch of people to search the same thing over and over again to alter the suggestions. That must mean a bunch of people searched for "linus tech live is [insert that word here]". Lol
  23. Jonny.Wong.16

    Find My Iphone App misleading

    It's only as accurate as the location sensors. It could be your neighbours, not you.
  24. Jonny.Wong.16

    Your most hated meme/ term/ phrase in tech?

    I cringed at your font...