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  1. Assuming you measured that 17cm from the base of your palm to the tip of your middle finger, then...You could try? If you're happy to return it/refund it then it might be worth a shot, but if you need to like the first thing you get, I'd say no (it's 10cm long. Find a tape measure and imagine trying to use a mouse that size). Check the Zowie EC2 Evo and Roccat Savu prices. Are they less than $45?
  2. Delivering papers. They might be called paperboys in the US. I think the job still exists... Edit: I'm not good with US vendors. Decent mice on Newegg/Amazon seem to start at $45, Xornet/G100s aside. What's the cheapest you can find a G400/G400s for?
  3. I understood you. I'm saying you'd perform better at a lower DPI.
  4. The Xornet. No question. That said, I imagine it'd be a bit short for you unless you switch to a fingertip grip. At that price range you're really not in the market for anything that could be described as "decent". The sole exception might be this, which has a sensor as good as any mouse out there, but you're sacrificing the existence of side-buttons. Can't you get a paper round or something? They probably are the same. It's not unusual for lower-end companies to use the same OEM and just slap their own branding on it. Hell, even the higher-end companies do it from time to time. DPI doesn't signify the quality of a mouse. If you're running 4500dpi on a 1080p screen with EPP off and 6/11 pointer speed, you'd probably be better off lowering it (edit: Just saw your sig. At proper settings, 4500dpi will be detrimental to your performance). Until you get to 4k or multi-monitor setups, 2k should be enough for anybody (and considering he can't afford more than $25 on a mouse, I'm guessing 4k/multi-monitor is unlikely).
  5. Is there anything in particular that would come in useful for what you do? I'm thinking along the lines of a side-scrollwheel, Roccat's easyshit+ and Logitech's hyperscroll (you might have to look those up). Aside from that, there's really no "best". I'm assuming you're a right-handed palm gripper?
  6. You mean the G602 is a straight rip-off of the Rapoo 7800p. I imagine Rapoo are fine for browsing the web and stuff, they just aren't a gaming brand (yet).
  7. Is Logitech aware of the desire for a new G9x-esque mouse? I know you can't say if anything's actually being made, but is Logitech aware of the demand? There's a huge hole in the market for a "stumpier" mouse while palm mice are a dime a dozen.
  8. It's like Logitech and Madcatz spawned a child.
  9. Did you mean ugly? I think you meant ugly. The sensor's interesting though, and if there is a new G90 coming I look forward to it. There aren't enough short mice for fingertip grippers.
  10. For League and TF2? Rival, on account of the superior sensor.
  11. Cherry switches are cherry switches. I can't imagine anything else there would make as much of a difference to you. That said, the G400 would be a nice upgrade to your mouse, if you decided to pass up the keyboard.
  12. Have you typed on a mechanical keyboard?
  13. Having the resolutions in a sub-menu of a sub-menu is still stupid. Captions has it's own button for christ sakes, surely more people want to select 720p/1080p than turn on subtitles?
  14. Right. I was going to say the G602 doesn't actually have a perfect sensor despite being optical, but on further investigation it seems it might. There seems to be a conspicuous lack of info on the G100s and G602 (which uses the G100s' sensor) if they do stand alongside the likes of the G400s/DA/Rival etc.
  15. You specify optical, so I'm going to ask why you want an optical mouse specifically?
  16. The low profile keyboard and nexus mice have already been mentioned. You can't get quieter than those without resorting to touch pads to my knowledge.
  17. No it doesn't. He didn't say you can't play with acceleration, he said you shouldn't. The fact that you use it doesn't mean it isn't worse.
  18. I meant to mention this, but it passed my mind. What DPI do you use, Aleks? I'd hesitate to use the word "most", but certainly a lot of people could use with lowering their DPI. Also, what are your windows mouse settings (pointer speed and enhanced pointer precision specifically)?
  19. Will it improve your playing ability? Probably not. Will it remove potential hindrances? Possibly. The main benefit, imo, is reassurance and confidence in your equipment. If doing well matters to you, you'll never have to wonder if that shot you just missed by a couple of pixels was down to your mouse. That's the kind of thing that can get in your head and distract you. Now, that might not sound like a huge deal, but your state of mind is a huge factor in how well you play. Of course, if your grip isn't suited to the mouse you're using for example, then a new mouse might do wonders. Therefore...?
  20. It seems like the other replies to you pretty much covered it. The perception of Razer is such that people will assume they're cheaping out rather than trying to improve or mix things up, so Kailh switches end up taking a hit to their reputation merely by being used by Razer, even though there doesn't seem to be any actual evidence of Kailh's inferiority to Cherry. I'm not entirely sure in what way Tesoro and Max Keyboards are linked (I'm assuming sister company?), but it's similar to how everyone was paranoid that Max keyboards were simply rebrands of some poorly regarded iOne/Xarmor boards. I remember they had to outline all the ways their boards differed down to the colour of the PCB and such to try and persuade people they weren't the same ones.
  21. That's a new one. You sure you aren't thinking of ball mice?
  22. Is it noticeable? To some. Is there a difference? Absolutely. When we're talking about precision in games like FPS, you might be moving your mouse across half the screen within half a second and so you might not notice the acceleration cause your cursor to overshoot by a few pixels, but it could be the difference between hitting your target and missing.
  23. Tech forums are more likely to see that as a warning than a reassurance. :unsure: That said, welcome to the forums. Tesoro certainly deserve a larger recognition.
  24. Honestly, the "upstroke" of any mechanical keyboard should make more noise than any rubber dome keyboard. The noise of a mech is higher-pitched than the thump of a rubber dome as well, so I can't imagine it'd be any better, noise-wise. The quietest thing you'll find is probably some kind of scissor-switch keyboard (the kind you find on laptops).
  25. Any proof of this in regards to Kailh switches, aside from the one picture of a broken yellow stem that's been around forever? I can't find anyone denouncing them except Geekhack, which doesn't really mean much.