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    Mountain biking, R/C Cars, Karate, Louis L'Amour, Cars, Bass, and what else?........um........ O and computers.


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    AMD athlon x4 760k @ 4.4ghz
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  1. If it's booting to the logging screen but then freezes and its only doing this after the update, I would say the update screwed something up.
  2. First two questions. Is your monitor plugged into the gpu and did you install the nvidia driver for the 1070ti? To answer your other questions, 1. depends on the game, generally no, unless it's a demanding game. Could also be at 99% if you didn't install the nvidia driver 2. static can damage electronics but if the gpu is working its fine, "How does static occur?" use google 3. there's a differences between disabling the on-board gpu and uninstalling the on-board gpu driver, you should have both gpu drivers installed. Having the on-board gpu drivers installed at th
  3. It looks fine, do you know what the voltage is?
  4. I would guess that the lipo battery is dead, once lipos go below a certain voltage they shouldn't/can't be recharged. If you have a voltage meter take the battery out and measure it, if its below 3.0v then its dead.
  5. same there was a lot of fanservice in the beginning too. I did like the more slice of life episodes though, but then its like they remembered that there is fighting and war and where like, o crap we have to finish the war, so here's some bad guys and here's a giant spaceship to blow stuff up. but imho it wasn't too bad of a anime, at least the first arch was decent.
  6. Yeah ep 24 is up, pretty sure it's the last one in the series from what I can find. Sadly it's still locked in premium but it should come out this weekend.
  7. Yeah half way through I wondered why they aren't mass producing this "anti-aging pill", but if you ignore that the show is really really good and is probably in my top favorite anime. I was legitimately excited at the end of the last OVA for what happened. It gets you right in the feels. Great anime.... Now I need something else, maybe now that the last episode of the ancient magus bride is done airing I'll watch that.
  8. Man I just finished re-watching ReLife and the OVA's and that's one of the best endings that i've seen in an anime. If you haven't watched it, I highly recommend it.
  9. It might be a bit of a exaggeration but it gives you an idea of what kind of crap you would be breathing in over the years.
  10. Yeah I made a a little over a $1000 at $10.50 an hour. It was a seasonal job so I didn't expect to be working there very long anyway, it was just weird on how they fired me a week after I all most got written up.
  11. Around November I got a seasonal job at a craft/department store called Joanns where I worked for about 5 weeks. While the store it's self wasn't that bad the managers there where a whole other story. On my first day I show up at 5am (I had the morning shift) and they immediately expect me to start working and know what to do, the only training I had from the day before was where my locker was and how to punch in and out. That was the only "official" training I got, everything else I had to learn on the fly from observing other employees. Every day after that was more or less the same thing. I
  12. 4 episodes isn't a whole lot but hopefully it come to a nice ending and not like that cliff hanger that last season left us with
  13. They're doing a second session of ReLIFE?
  14. 18, I'll be 19 in January