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  1. You're slightly missing the point. It's a hypothetical that shows that owning the product doesn't necessarily mean anything. Use 100 instead of 10 if you like.As for the chart, aside from the aforementioned Spectre Pro, everything looks pretty much as I'd expect it to be. The TrueQuiet and BlackSilent fans might be a little louder than I'd expect to see, but that's all. What do you find wrong with it?
  2. No, it's not just because people who owned them said they were quiet. It's because I could hear for myself via soundclips that people have recorded of it. Granted, that may not give an entirely accurate impression and thus the reason I'm not saying Spectre Pros are good, but even with that inaccuracy taken into account, the fans being recorded obviously didn't qualify as "loud". In other words, I accrued more data. I knew I was wrong *because* I can know things without owning it.Also, those stats you're reading off come straight from the BitFenix site...You aren't honestly going to tell me you believe the stats that any manufacturers put on their fans? You said yourself if I know 100% someone's wrong I should say so...This is that time. You've implied here that the stats companies give for their fans are reliable and that's just as wrong as anything I've said in this thread. "Why would you want to put your 2 cents into the thread anyways if 10 people already said that they could get 4.XGHz overclocks" I'm going to quote myself - "having read 10 owners on another forum". *Another* forum, as in an entirely different site. So again, if it's me as an aggregate of 10 owners results on *another* forum (i.e. on a *different* site) saying something different to one person who owns it, who's more likely to be right? "Just make sure that when you give facts that you are right, That is all I would like to ask of you and I'm pretty sure the community feels the same way. " Right back at you. ;)
  3. The primary issue with BW2013 seems to be more on the software side...Synapse 2.0 causing all kinds of fun. Otherwise, don't be scared off...The physical keyboard should be fine (although there are always exceptions).
  4. Which mouse? That's not down to the technology as much as it is the build quality.
  5. Which Blackwidow are you looking at specifically? The original ones (glossy body + blue backlight) tend to have issues. This has given Blackwidows a terrible reputation. The new 2013 editions and tournament edition (matte body + green backlight) seem to be better.
  6. No, that doesn't explain why someone *can't* know about something they don't own, that's merely an example of someone who *didn't* know about something they didn't own. You just so happened to come across one instance in which I - admittedly - spoke too soon. That's an annual event at best. You even quoted me, "I stated a conclusion *without sufficient data*. That's the key point. Put it this way. The fact that you owned it and I didn't, clearly wasn't an issue for me. I argued with you regardless...So why did I change my mind? If it's impossible to know about something without owning it, why did I decide I might have been wrong? Edit: And yeah, you kind of did dodge what I said. I still want to know who you think is more likely to be correct - Me telling someone they can get above 4.0GHz having read 10 owners on another forum say they've gotten 4.XGHz overclocks, or a person who owns it saying that 4.0GHz is impossible?.
  7. Really Eric? You have to bring out the personal insults at this late stage? It's been good fun up 'till now. "Really Toby? I'm just going to let you gloat in your own stupidity on your first sentence there." Then you didn't read the second. If that's stupidity, then what is trying to tell people what to do on the internet? I notice you completely evaded my forth point, so I'll make it even easier for you. If I see someone on another forum ask about Spectre Pros and I tell them exactly what you told me - that they're nearly silent and that they probably couldn't even hear the wind wooshing through them without sticking their ear to the opening in the case, would I be wrong because I hadn't used them? In response to your two points...1. Tough. If people only gave opinions on things they owned, tech forums would crumble and burn. I doubt the number of people with enough disposable income to test even the majority of popular *component here*s reach double digits in this forum and even then, merely being able to get "hands on" doesn't mean they have the first idea how to evaluate it accurately. One owner giving their opinion and results is inferior to a non-owner giving an aggregate of 10 other owners' opinions and results. It just is. 2. If two motherboards have extremely similar or identical features, you look at the components used, you look at the overclocks people can reach, you look at how good the UEFI BIOS is, you look at whether the boards in question are known to have any common issues, you look at the warranties, you look at the bundle they come with...Shall I continue? As for the rest, that's called a strawman argument. I've never recommended a motherboard I knew nothing about based purely on brand. In fact, I've never recommended anything I knew nothing about, period. I get it, you think that someone who doesn't own something can't know anything about it, but what you've still failed to do is explain why.
  8. "Spectre Pros are pretty loud". I can say what I like until someone with more authority than you tells me otherwise. That said, I retract my initial comment, because you're right that the sound samples aren't matching up with the testimonies. I stated a conclusion without sufficient data and as it is, it might have been anomalous. It's a mistake I rarely make, but it happens. With that out of the way, everything else you said is so, so wrong. 1. I didn't say you made a snarky response, I said mine was. 2. People putting their 2 cents in is definitely not what you hate most in the world. That would be stupid. 3. How would you know which motherboard is better? Maybe because you can tell which features are useful to him or not, maybe because you know one has a reputation for blowing up, maybe because one insulted his mother. The sheer number of ways you might be able to tell which motherboard is better for that person without owning it is countless. I could spend an entire day just coming up with ways. 4. The idea that you can't know about things you don't personally own is what's "not logical in any way". If someone reads the opinions of 10 ASRock Extreme4 owners who all say they OC to 4.XGHz and repeats that opinion, then one person who owns it comes along and says it can only go as far as 3.6GHz, who's more likely to be correct? The person who owns it or the person who's read the opinions of 10 other people who own it? 5. I have absolutely no issue with you speaking the truth, it's all the drivel that came with it that I have an issue with. 6. If "Spectre Pros are pretty loud" is an incorrect statement (and I'm entirely willing to believe it is), then that does not make it misleading on so many different levels. It makes it misleading on a single level - the sound of the fan.
  9. 1: Have you tried other headphones? More for my benefit than yours - I want to know if it's a universal side-effect or if it's choosy. 2: Do you have any other LED keyboard to hand? Maybe one a friend could lend you?
  10. Nope. I was going to leave it there, but apparently there's some pesky 10 character requirement, so in lieu of just saying "Noooooope.", I'll say this - Should the question "what am I doing with my life" enter my head, my answer is "enjoying it". If I'm not enjoying a game, I play another one and if I don't want to play, I do something else. I rarely waste time thinking what better things I could be doing, because what am I going to do? The vast majority, if not the entirety of us will never leave any lasting impact in our lives. A lot of us might leave behind equally irrelevant offspring, but otherwise? I've come to the conclusion life is best spent doing one thing more than anything else - enjoying it.
  11. Firefox. I've tried to switch to Chrome a few times, but I'm always frustrated by all the things it doesn't let me do and I don't find it noticeably faster, so I switch back. It's probably better to support Mozilla than Google anyway.
  12. Lots of people used chrome because it was faster than FF, so more people used chrome because it was "fastest", so more people use chrome because it's fastest, so more people use chrome because it's fastest, etc. It's a circular reputation.
  13. http://linustechtips.com/main/forum/...1426#post51426 http://www.hardware.fr/articles/874-...-a-vs-cfm.html (click on names to add/remove them to and from the chart) I own none. What other fans do you own? I typically find owners' anecdotal evidence to be the least reliable, because they lack context. If you own multiple alternatives, then that's nullified somewhat, but I've long lost count of the number of people who say "I own this and it's awesome!". Initially you say they're "super silent", so not just noiseless, but more than noiseless. Perhaps they create a noise vacuum, even? Then you say "they are almost dead silent"...Oh. Well, I tend to find "dead silent" is pretty much the same as just plain "silent", but then if they're "almost silent", they're "not silent", which is a world away from "super silent". It's things like this that make recommending fans ever so hard... Now, here's the thing that ensured this snarky response - you started "defending" something you own. All I said was that they weren't quiet and yet in your head you seem to have heard "weren't well built". I never commented on the build quality. You "LOL", you use hyperbole, you imply a lack of ownership would invalidate my comment, you get sarcastic and then you start defending it against claims that haven't been made. You even feel the need to post pictures, proving you own them. It all rather reeks of reactionary owners-bias, rather than logical disagreement. If you think Spectre Pros are better than I give them credit for, give me evidence. I'd love to find out that they're better than I've been lead to believe, but simply saying "I OWN THEM AND THEY'RE AMAZING" isn't going to achieve that.
  14. Be Quiet!'s E9 and Dark Power Pro PSUs are probably the quietest non-fanless PSUs, though they're fairly expensive (albeit not as expensive as an AX1200). They reach the US and Canada in early February.
  15. Toby

    Sell or Keep

    Out of curiosity, which gaming mouse did you purchase? It'd suck to sell off two G400s for a Naos 5000, for example.
  16. Toby

    New Mouse

    I'm not a fan of site stats, unless you're getting those numbers from elsewhere. I'm seeing 2.3 for the EC1 Evo at 1000hz and 2.7 at 500hz - 470 DPI for both. I'm seeing above 3.0 on Goliathus speed mouse pad. I'm also seeing 2.38 at 1000hz and 450 DPI, as well as 3.36 at 450 DPI, 2.45 at 1150 DPI and 1.56 at 2300 DPI, with those last three being at 250hz. If you're moving your mouse faster than the max tracking speed, but the pointer is moving at the max tracking speed, that would effectively be negative acceleration, would it not?
  17. Spectre Pros are pretty loud. I hadn't heard much about them last time I posted in this (I lurked mainly at SPCR), but since then I've seen at least 3 tests that put them in a distinctly unimpressive light. There was some mighty bad advice being doled out in this thread.
  18. Toby

    New Mouse

    I'd have thought that anything higher than a mouse's max tracking speed would be it's malfunction speed. There's a term used, called "perfect control", which is the maximum speed at which a mouse performs as it should. Now, if there exists speeds between that and a mouse's malfunction speed (and I'm not sure there are), I imagine that's where acceleration would kick in. As it is, I'm not sure you could move the mice I've mentioned fast enough to reach that point, while also remaining in control.
  19. Toby

    New Mouse

    I don't know about those specs, but supposedly the Ikari has under half the malfunction speed of the A3090 (1.5 meters a second compared to somewhere around high 3.X to low 4.X). This conversation's reaching the limits of my knowledge, but apparently it's advisable to avoid multi-colour mousemats for the AM due to the combination of sensor and lens causing jitter and lower malfunction speed. I'm not sure what other mice this might apply to though.
  20. Too much? I'd consider the FT02/RV02, but out of the choices you've presented I'd go with the 650D. The C70 has an ugly window and looks slightly silly, while the Switch, as awesome as it is, has the tackiest plastic aesthetic ever. There's also the new Fractal Arc Midi R2 coming out which has a side-window, but that's not available just yet. It should be popping up relatively nowish, though.
  21. Toby

    New Mouse

    As my comment implied, my initial reply was in response to your pre-edit post. That's what your words had asked, even though I was pretty sure that *you* hadn't. The Zowies should be the same as everything else except the Razers, since it uses the same sensor (A3090).
  22. Toby

    New Mouse

    I think it would probably still affect anything where clicking accuracy comes into play. RTS', ARPGs and MOBAs to an extent...
  23. - Price/Material. It's very rare to find a case made out of said material being sold so cheap...Cheaper than most of the cases I see recommended here. - Looks. The material certainly helped here. I much prefer classy cases to the cheesy ones. - Layout. This is the give-away...Inverted ATX, back-to-front airflow and the PSU's mounted in the front. More than anything else, this is why I picked the case I did. It's so unusual. I love it.
  24. Toby

    New Mouse

    In response to your edit, here's a list of mice I'd recommend, in no particular order... Razer Deathadder Logitech G400 Zowie AM Zowie EC1 Evo Roccat Savu R.A.T. 3 Razer Krait 2013 CM Storm Spawn CM Storm Recon All of those are free from acceleration and angle snapping. As far as when they happen, angle snapping will occur, I presume, whenever you move the mouse in an almost vertical or horizontal line. Acceleration can happen whenever you move the mouse above a certain speed (depends on the mouse).
  25. That's not a lot of performance per $, that's a lot of performance for $. The PSU, the RAM, the motherboard and the HDD are all way more than you need. Three 7950s can run on 850w, easy. You can get 2133mhz cas 10 RAM via Samsung Green (comes clocked low, overclocks sky high), the motherboard...You're not a workstation, or are you? And the HDD...why the velociraptor when you have an SSD? Maybe if you're recording at higher than 1080p, but otherwise? http://linustechtips.com/main/forum/the-workbench/new-builds-and-planning/66259-build-plan-thread-reccomendations-please-read-before-posting Read that and let us know what this computer's for.