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  1. I can still get to the most visited page by opening up a new new tab, I just don't want to be greeted by a blank white screen when I first open the window. Thinking about it, default functionality should be to show me my home page (which is what it's set to in the options menu), but again, it doesn't seem to get that far (clicking the home page button works fine). Edit: Like I say, it works with or without fastdial. These problems persist through "restart with addons disabled". About to try new profile/reinstall.
  2. No. I typically use fastdial, but that doesn't come up in a new window either. I imagine that's just because the add-on needs to be updated or what have you, but I figure the default "blank tab" functionality should be working when you open a new window
  3. So while this thread's here, I can't even get core functionality to work. I open my browser and just get a blank tab - no "most visited" links. The main problem though is that "customize" in the menu just opens up a blank "about:customizing" page, even when all add-ons are disabled.
  4. That's true, I wasn't considering you could rebind the DPI buttons. Most other mice will only have an extra 2 on top, if any. In that regard, the G400s might be the best possible option. The only other thing that comes to mind is the Roccat Kone Pure Optical which has easy-shift, meaning that when you hold down one of the side buttons (not sure if you can change it to something else), all the other buttons on the mouse get reassigned, including scroll up/scroll down, effectively giving you another 8 buttons.
  5. G400s would be fine, but if you're okay with just 2 side-buttons, then your options increase dramatically. Check out the G602 as well, it's wireless but you get the perfect sensor + multiple side-buttons combination.
  6. What games do you play? If all you play are RPGs and Minecraft, a laser sensor will be fine. Their inferiority is only in regards to faster-paced games where clicking the right place as fast as possible is an issue (FPS, DotA, RTS etc.)
  7. What is going on in this thread? The G502 sensor is seemingly flawless...Potentially the best sensor ever created.
  8. Seeing as I just wrote this yesterday, I figure I'll link it... http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/146930-what-dpi-do-you-use/?p=1986042 As I said there, you want your DPI as low as possible without it becoming impractical, with your windows pointer speed at 6/11. Do your mouse settings have "enhanced pointer precision" enabled? Because you actually want that off (it does the opposite), and it'll allow you to lower your pointer speed a bit.
  9. There is a relationship, in so far as moving 1 "dot" should move your cursor 1 pixel, there's just no benefit to making your DPI match your screen's "pixel-per-inch". That'd just make it so you'd have to move your mouse the same height and width of your monitor in real life.
  10. You can do that (though I'm not sure why you think the DPI of your mouse should match the "DPI" of your screen), but there can be problems with doing that, depending on the implementation of sensitivity adjustment in the OS/in-game. Take windows pointer speed for example. At 6/11, you get perfect 1:1 movement. Each count (or "dot") from your mouse will move your cursor 1 pixel. However, at 8/11 it'll move your mouse 2 pixels per count...Try it out and you'll notice it becomes physically impossible to move your cursor by 1 pixel at a time. For similar reasons, anything above 6/11 has problems. Below 6/11, 5/11 is the only setting with major problems (it'll ignore 1 of every 4 counts). 4/11 equates to 1 pixel every 2 counts, which should (I think) equate to using exactly half of your current DPI. Below that I think it just cuts it in half again each time. Basically, you want to keep your windows pointer speed at 6/11. In-game sensitivity implementations vary, but it is possible to simply lower in-game sensitivity while raising DPI to end up with zero difference. DPI has nothing to do with accuracy, as such. It's purely mouse speed. That said, lower DPI is technically more accurate, since it gives you more room for error. Imagine playing a game where you had to hit 1 specific pixel on your monitor. Using a mouse with 1 DPI, it'd be really easy to hit, because you have room for error of an entire inch. Using a mouse with 2 DPI, you'd have half an inch of room for error. 4 DPI would give a quarter of an inch, 8 DPI an eighth, 16 DPI a sixteenth and so on. Of course, with 1 DPI, you'd need a mousepad that was 1920 inches wide and 1080 inches high to play on a 1080p monitor, assuming you didn't pick up and "reset" the position of your mouse. This is why I tend to tell people they should have their DPI as low as possible without it becoming impractical. 1 DPI would be great if we had really long arms and a huge amount of room to work with, but as it is we only have the space of our mouse pads, or for those of us who anchor our wrists - an even smaller range of movement.
  11. Okay. N is the rating on Newegg, A is the rating on Amazon. Blackwidow - N: 5/5 A: 4/5 Blackwidow Ultimate - N: 5/5 A 4/5 Blackwidow Tournament - N: N/A A: 4/5 Deathstalker - N: 4/5 A: 4.5/5 Deathadder - N: 4/5 A: 4/5 Naga - N: 4/5 A: 4/5 Naga Hex - N: 4/5 A: 4/5 Ouroboros - N: 4/5 A: 3.5/5 Mamba - N: 3/5 A: 3.5/5 Taipan - N: 4/5 A: 4/5 Imperator - N: 4/5 A: 4/5 Abyssus - N: 4/5 A: 4.5/5 Somehow if Razer were selling defective products (beyond the usual), I think their ratings would be significantly lower. As for the Lycosa, you realize it's not Razer trying to sell it for $100+, right? In fact, it's discontinued, which would explain why they wouldn't/couldn't replace it.
  12. It's still mechanical, it just uses Kailh switches, which I've yet to see any actual evidence of being inferior to Cherry (beyond one picture of a broken yellow switch which seems to be everywhere). As for your mouse, it's too small a sample size to be able to say anything. Understandably it'd put you off buying anything Razer, but for every story like yours, I hear of others using a Deathadder or Naga after getting a couple of faulty Logitech, Corsair or Steelseries mice.
  13. And what if I want the additional macro keys, USB pass-through and audio pass-through that you conveniently deleted from the Blackwidow's feature list? Meanwhile, we have the Das with a smaller feature list than either of them, coming in at $139, or even better, the Feenix Autore for $169, whose marketing spiel makes Razer look positively modest about their products. Again, Razer are no worse than many of the companies I mentioned above. Why is it Razer specifically that seems to upset you so much?
  14. TT eSports, QPad, Feenix, Gigabyte, Roccat, Steelseries, Gamdias, Tesoro, Mad Catz, Genius, Sharkoon, Zalman... Can you tell me how Razer's mark-up compares to any of those companies? Can you tell me how Razer's failure rate compares to any of those companies? Can you tell me how Razer's packaging-to-product cost ratio compares to any of those companies? I also wonder whether you've ever pondered why people buy products from any of those companies? If not, then why not?
  15. "All this Razer hype" in a thread full of Razer bashing on the back of some scam-artist on Amazon? I see far more people criticize Razer than I see worship or even praise them.
  16. Then your windows settings are messed up or you have 3-4 monitors. You should be crossing your entire screen in a third of an inch of mouse movement.
  17. Then, technically, the R.a.t. 9 is the only wireless mouse that has both a sniper button and 3+ extra buttons, and while the mouse itself can't be plugged in to charge, its "batteries" can, so you charge one while using the other. That said, if you want/need a sniper button, you're probably doing it wrong. If you can't hit targets without it, then your DPI is probably too high (lower is better for FPS), if you can hit targets without it, then using it should achieve nothing more than messing with your muscle memory (and thus your aim). In addition to that, it uses a phillips twin-eye sensor, which isn't optimal for FPS. The G602 is the only wireless mouse with a sensor tailored to FPS, but it can't be charged via the computer.
  18. There's only one mouse that fits all your requirements, but first I'm going to ask, do you want the "sniper" button for FPS games?
  19. It's Feenix. It'll be pretty and overpriced in equal measure.
  20. I'm getting ready for a thread of people who need to turn down their DPI. 1300 here (fingertip grip).
  21. Carbon fiber! Aluminium! Silver! Omron! Lasers! Weights! Height! They haven't made a mouse, they've made a toy with a list of marketing bulletpoints to make people who don't know any better go "oooh!"
  22. There's a sore lack of real fingertip mice out there. The Spawn's probably the best thing out there, though if I recall correctly, you have to choose between 800, 1800 and 3500 DPI. If one of those is good for you, go for it. The G502 is one of the longest mice out there - the least ideal thing for a fingertip grip.
  23. Tekheads.co.uk Linked page shows storefront, address, open times and directions. No pictures of the inside of the store though, so it might be modest. Scan exists in Horwich, Bolton. Is that too far south to qualify? Edit: KustomPC exists in Ayr, Scotland, but I'm guessing that's too far in the other direction.
  24. You're the first person I've ever heard say this. Do you have a source? DPI should be consistent with the amount of pixels you move with an inch of mouse movement.