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  1. It's actually 23.96 that's why movies use it because its already smooth enough and it looks cinematic even Ubisoft claims that.
  2. Love you too bb. No homo or part homo or full homo which ever one you prefer.
  3. Well maybe it's just your perception if numbers, usually at 5 FPS it starts to look bad but I still get a high Death/Kill Ratio in CS:GO when I play at around 15 FPS, like 8 DKR. 30 FPS looks okay but there is no big difference between 15 and 30.
  4. Yes it will. An i3 slightly bottlenecks the GTX 770 so it will obviously bottleneck the R9 290.
  5. Why do people have 144Hz monitors when the human eye can only see 60 FPS MAX and 30 FPS looks the same. Stupid marketing, the higher the number the more it costs. I play all my games at 15 FPS it looks smooth just a little laggy but very playable.
  6. It's okay, we were mad anyway. (And I'm just waiting for a bit... the mod is offline atm).
  7. Yes. The only thing I would change is put the rear fan as intake, I always put the rear fan as intake if there is a radiator mounted on top, that helps with more air going into the radiator, but this setup is still good.
  8. I mentioned it somewhere, I just don't enjoy LTT as much as I did. In less than a few hours left, I'm leaving.
  9. I'd like to thank the community for allowing me to be part of it. The most memorable people in no order that I would like to thank are @airdeano @Aniallation @babbaj @Bubblewhale @Cacao @Enderman @JEman99 @jdeane0705 @Nico123473 @Speedbird @[member='Swndlr] @Thebman712 @tmcclelland455 @Vacsol I also remember my lame argument with @MattP123 and he said this... Well anyway, I'll be leaving now. I had a great time, thanks again to all of you.
  10. Oh, I did not know he left. I'm leaving now. @Bubblewhale You can edit the post.
  11. @Bubblewhale @Enderman So I guess this is why I posted this in "Case Modding and Other Mods" Thanks for your help.
  12. Title. PSU is a Seasonic X750W 80Plus Gold, if you need more info just ask.