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  1. It will work, but you might notice your battery drain even while plugged in under extended load.
  2. Theguywhobea

    GT 730 Upgrade

    Sure would
  3. Theguywhobea

    GT 730 Upgrade

    Yeah you could upgrade to most graphics cards without running into too many bottlenecks, You'd probably be mostly limited to what your PSU can support.
  4. Theguywhobea

    Best workstation "laptop"

    I was actually just about to say the same thing.
  5. It's actually CRAZY how many variables there are to this question. Like, how big is the room, how many computers are there, how many people are working in the office, what is the climate like, are their south facing windows, and that's not even getting to the question of do these people need a 95w CPU over a 65w CPU. Looking at just the main question and what I know about a typical office worker's computer load I don't think you'll notice a difference in heat output to the room, I'm sure in neither case will these CPU's be running full tilt for extended periods of time. All modern CPU's will run at lower wattage's when they are under a reduced load and I suspect that a 95w and 65w CPU will run at similar wattage's when under a reduced load. Whether or not these are even worth it is a whole different question and it doesn't sound like OP wants to argue about that.
  6. Theguywhobea

    Ultimate Dream Build For Free (Hypothetical)

    These are kinda played out at this point, don't know why people keep posting these.
  7. I've always been very happy with any machine from Dell (including Alienware) and you might want to hop on a new Dell soon before the company goes public again as we may see the return of "Mid 2000's Dell"
  8. Theguywhobea

    Some type of compression causes my monitor to look like this?

    Wiggle your cable.
  9. Theguywhobea

    Razer Blade 2015 Random Complete Shutdown.

    You need to replace the battery, the older Razer Blade Pro's did the same thing. It's because your battery can no longer supply the instantaneous current that you're laptop sometimes draws when under a load like gaming.
  10. Theguywhobea

    Upgrading MXM card

    Oh sorry I forgot you were also asking if you could just replace it, yeah go for that.
  11. Theguywhobea

    Upgrading MXM card

    Probably not, even though Asus uses MXM slots they seem to always make the actual card a different shape than how everyone else makes them, it's probably not worth the effort anyways, you could probably just get a used laptop with a 750m or 950m for not too much money anyways.
  12. Theguywhobea

    Upgrading MXM card

    Maybe but you should probably at least tell us what laptop it is.
  13. Wow, nVidia really likes to create market confusion these days.
  14. Theguywhobea

    Help with hardware

    Yeah any somewhat modern (and even most not so modern) will drive two displays just fine.
  15. Yeah the whole issue is heat, the Note 9 has the Snapdragon 845 which consumes around 5Ws (https://www.anandtech.com/show/12420/snapdragon-845-performance-preview/4) and just for comparisons sake we'll say that it also on average needs to dissipate 5W's of heat. Where the 2400G has a TDP of 65w meaning the heatsink needs to be capable of dissipating 65w's of heat. This is the real limiting factor as to why things can't get much smaller while keeping the same TDP, at least not with current materiel's that we use for heat dissipation. This is all not to mention that Qualcomm and other these other mainstream ARM CPU manufacturers have dumped tons of money and time into making sure these CPU's all run at the lowest power state they can possibly be at since most phone's cooling systems can't handle sustained loads, and although mainstream desktop and laptop CPU's are catching up I would be willing to bet they are still far worse off than these ARM CPU's.
  16. Theguywhobea

    how much should I sell a aw558

    Well they're $38 new on Amazon, so I'd probably start at $20 used.
  17. Theguywhobea

    weird problem

    Based of what I was able to find about Ocean of Games it seems to be a pretty sketchy site to download pirated games and typically viruses. I'd try leaving that uninstalled and acquire your games legally, and see if your issue persists.
  18. Theguywhobea

    weird problem

    I agree.
  19. Theguywhobea

    ...what is this?

    Looks like it's probably either some weird small form factor PSU, or some kind of supplementary PSU you could add to your rig if your main PSU couldn't power four GTX 280's or something like that.
  20. Theguywhobea

    Hi! I'm looking for a gaming laptop cooling pad!

    Yeah I'm using it right now. The built in fans are not super great, but add some 120mm fans and a power supply and you can get a lot of cooling out of it. A less hacky way to boost the cooling output is to also just buy some 80mm or 120mm usb powered fans. I've used this cooler with some usb fans from AC Infinity and it was pretty effective.
  21. Theguywhobea

    Hi! I'm looking for a gaming laptop cooling pad!

  22. Theguywhobea

    GTX 970 for PhysX? Too much?

    Probably sell it or use it for another build, there really aren't even that many games that use PhysX now a days anyways.
  23. Well those are both ITX cases and it looks like your board is mATX, so you're not off to a good start.
  24. Theguywhobea

    Tempratures did not improve after upgrading CPU cooler

    You may be more limited by case airflow than your CPU cooler then.
  25. Theguywhobea

    HP Omen 17 battery....

    Well if you type 'HP Omen 17-w102nl battery' you'll find that it's a 95.8Wh battery