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  1. I did get OpenVPN working in an AWS instance, however I never used it for anything really. Typically now if we have a customer that needs remote access through a VPN we use Contemporary Control's Remote VPN service.
  2. Teamviewer is alright, but might eventually ask you for money. I think you can do remote access with Parsec as well, that might be an option?
  3. I mean, can you afford to be out $25 bucks if it ends up being really dead? If so, then yeah buy it. If it's going to ruin your whole day / month to spend $25 on something that is broken, then don't do it.
  4. Check it out dudes, managed to snag a hard top for my 92 Miata, and for a "decent" price as well. Probably doubled the value of the car. But, shes come a long way since when I bought it back in April or March!
  5. Okay I fixed it I'm just a moron. The plug from the Magsafe connector to the logic board was plugged 90% of the way in, which I guess is enough for the computer to run off the power brick, but that last 10% gets you battery charging.
  6. Yes it's the genuine iFixIt battery, which says that it's like, an actual apple made battery on it I'm pretty sure Maybe I was just doing it wrong? When I hold those keys it immediately turns on when I release the power button, is it supposed to do that?
  7. Alright so I just replaced the battery in my girlfriends MBP using the iFixIt kit. Everything went well and the battery worked, however now it's not charging? The first time I noticed it wasn't charging I realized I forgot to replug in the connector under the logic board by the magsafe port so I took it apart again and plugged it back in. I had her discharge the battery like iFixIt says to, then we plugged it in. No light on the charger at all, and the charging indicator in OSX just said it was running off the power adapter. I tried doing the SMC reset by doing the shift+option+control and power button but I didn't see any change. I took the back cover off again and everything else looked fine. Any tips before I tear this thing apart again?
  8. Alright first update after getting back from vacation: Threw in some old parts I had, an ITX Z77 motherboard, a Xeon 1231v3, 16GB RAM, and a 512GB SSD along with my old GTX 970. Unfortunately it only came with 1 of the 2 orange LED fans that work with the special LED controller at the back of the case. Going to have to find a 200mm fan that will fit this side panel as well, which I'm sure will be fun! I remember having a red LED Cooler Master 200mm fan in there back in college, I'll probably look for one of those to keep with the theme of the build. First mod was the wrap the handle in hockey tape as this is that unfortunate soft touch plastic that eventually reverts to a sticky mess and can't be repaired. In fact I tried alcohol but that only made it worse as it actually dissolves the rubber... I think the hockey tape works well. Cable management could still be better, forgot how hard that was in these older cases. Also this power supply may blow up at some point as it's mad old.
  9. I don't remember having too many dust issues with it in the past, but I don't think I was as concerned with dust back then as I might be these days. I do think the mesh side panel should make a return on modern cases though
  10. Hey guys, after what ended up being literal years of searching, I was finally able to find someone near by selling an NZXT Vulcan case. Personally I have a bit of a soft spot for this case as it's the one I took too and from my college dorm most of the time I was there. I foolishly sold that PC while I was in college and always regretted it after since I thought this was such a cool case. First post is just the case, however I hope to get a nice build going in here and maybe so some people how cool a case like this can be.
  11. It'll probably work fine, I've seen laptops before not have issues with going over what the manufacturer suggested as the max. I can't imagine you are paying a lot for laptop DDR2 RAM so it's probably worth the risk.
  12. You could probably swap the entire motherboard to a model with a better GPU, but typically all parts are soldered directly to the motherboard.
  13. No,a it's very rare these days that you can find a laptop that you can replace the GPU in. And I can't think of any thin and light from any manufacturer where you can replace the GPU. So short answer, no.
  14. I don't know man, I can only speak from my own experience, I've yet to have any issues or complaints with my XPS13 doing programming for building automation systems.
  15. What? I have used an XPS13 as my work laptop for the last three years with literally zero issues. Having such a light machine with such a good battery has been really nice when I've had to make site visits.
  16. I bet if you looked around (craigslist or something) you could probably find an older MSI laptop with a 4th gen i7 and something like a 980m for that price range. Those specs are a bit old, but should probably still kick ass at 1080p
  17. The application probably matters a lot here. If it's just a case fan, I'd say there will be almost no difference. If it's a regular tower style heat sink, probably not too much difference, but if you were running thick radiators, I could see the thicker fan possibly cooling better. A thicker fan should increase static pressure, but static pressure only matters all that much in applications were there is a significant resistance to air flow.
  18. Ehhh, I wasn't super impressed with my RBS13 for gaming. With an eGPU it was manageable, but eGPU's are another whole can of worms of unreliability. Even though mine is just the MX150 GPU, it still discharges the battery if you use it for playing games, and it doesn't play CPU intensive games well at all while using the GPU as you get really power limit throttled. So if you just want to play some League think again, this laptop is pretty bad at it.