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    Nevada, USA


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    i5 3570k @ stock (too lazy to overclock, runs fine as is)
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    AsRock Z68 Extreme4 Gen3
  • RAM
    16GB XMS3 @ 1333 :(
  • GPU
    Sapphire 280x
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    HAF 932 Advanced (regret this choice)
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    256gb ssd, total of 5TB hdds
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    750w diablotek :(
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    3x 1080p, plus an old one in the corner, 3 on laptop to the side
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    EVO 212
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    Wireless crap
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    wireless crap
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    7.1 Sony reciver with some Martin Logan speakers I got on sale
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    8.1 pro

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  1. Multiple pumps have been done before - by Linus. Times an entire room full of PCs. The longer the tube, the more compression / pressure lost on pushing on the tubing and opportunity to slow down the liquid has. A giant high-pressure pump behind a tiny crappy one won't end well, but Linus used a large one to power the big part, and I think D5s in every PC. Not to mention the hundreds of dual pump water cooling setups - all inside a case. For redundancy and added flow. (usually the same model pump in these cases) For example, a cool dual pump product; --https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-xtop-revo-dual-d5-pwm-serial-incl-pump IMO, the way you're thinking is the best for an even flow of liquid, and will still provide some redundancy. (AKA, still usable and you'll eventually notice, it won't just bake in a few minutes)
  2. What Blacky Logan said (AP mode) will do what you want. What media bridge does is act like a wifi dongle that connects via ethernet instead of USB.
  3. Yes, there is no power plug on it. Only ethernet in, and on the pro model, 1 gigabit out as well (it has an internal switch) If you buy them individually (like that link) they come with the PoE injector Sometimes 3 packs on Amazon don't come with it, most of the other purchasing options do. For us, it means having the APs in the perfect place, yet still powering them from our massive UPS in the server closet. - As well as only having to worry about one cord, and being able to place it on the ceiling away from power.
  4. Seems they have the lite, pro, and long range models now, instead of a base one. Cheaper than many consumer grade AC routers out there. $128 for the pro model - https://www.amazon.com/Ubiquiti-Networks-802-11ac-Dual-Radio-UAP-AC-PRO-US/dp/B015PRO512/ref=sr_1_3?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1498753466&sr=1-3&keywords=ubiquiti Any AP that will be happy with 15-20 clients all the time will be more than $100 anyway.
  5. A Unifi AC AP, from ubiquiti. They have a few different models for AC, a lite version that's cheaper, a base version, and a PRO version that adds a lot of features for (imo) a very modest price increase vs the base model. We use a mix of their older N APs, and have had the AC PRO AP for 6 months or so, it's great.
  6. NCH VideoPad. Free trial, then a free for personal use edition kicks in with a couple limitations (that should be fine for YT videos) Above all, it's easy to use. It's rather fast, downloads whatever codec you need when you need it, cheap if you want to buy more features... http://www.nchsoftware.com/videopad/index.html
  7. Most games already have haptic feedback with controller support - it's the mouse makers, they simply need to make the driver look like a controller for the vibration.
  8. Even reddit knows you lie This was there the other day -
  9. Look at the difference between most recent high end Intel CPUs and the 6800k - someone at Intel spent the time to make the layout on the back beautiful. This is Steve Jobs (OCD level / envisioning) esque design and layout. Look at those rows of capacitors, neat symmetrical design. This is what you pay for going with "X" level CPUs, even the low end 6 core model is beautiful. Whoever is lead the development on these chips is my favorite person right now.. Yeah, weird and random.. But apparently I look at electronic design like Steve Jobs did. -Reference to him asking the engineers to redesign a motherboard because it looked inelegant, and when asked "who's going to see it anyway", he answered, "I am". Included are pictures of Intel CPUs, look at the capacitor layout. Some normal i7s, the 6800k, and a couple Xeons (which look ok) The 5820k looked horrible, so there's a new (AWEOMSE) team member. (In order: 6800k, i7s, different stepping i7s, 5820k (EW!) and 6800k, and a couple xeons below that.
  10. cnerde

    Free porn?

    He is obviously in school... Notice how he said "boys" rather than guys. (he also mentions no occupation yet in his bio, so now I'm 100% sure he's in school, likely HS) So the coaches are more than just "other coworkers" or something, they are likely to be teachers.. And only 14 year old boys would react to porn this way... And all the ones in the other rooms putting it on too...
  11. Plasma TVs need fans because of the heat generated... But any non-plasma TV that needs fans is just poorly engineered.
  12. Congrats, watched for years, remember and love the garage days, that is when LTT became my favorite youtube channel Keep up the great work!
  13. Love a lot about this... having a waterproof/resistant DNA I couldn't live without that... Has more ram than most other phones, good battery life.. faster than what I have now.. Looks nice.. But would have to say my favorite would be FRONT FACING SPEAKERS! Sony learned from HTC here Dbrand is awesome, just look at that skin- my favorite part about them. (Miss phones having camera buttons but would probably never use it)
  14. At work I built three computers (one upgraded) for our video editing area and recording studio. The upgraded computer is the one I am having issues with Specs: ASRock Z87 Extreme4 i-7 4770K not overclocked for now, cheap AIO water cooler 16GB Team 1600 Ram MSI GTX 770 Black Magic Design DeckLink mini recorder Some HDDs in RAID USB audiobox 22vsl Got it going and everything is fine, can change audio around and use the onboard "Purity sound" Well, around the same time we add the Capture card, I also install all the drivers from ASRocks site. Next thing I know, nothing sees the audio.. But I know its working, the UEFI has sound, and it works there.. I have used driver sweeper, uninstalled almost everything, and removed any non-essential additions (such as the BMD card) and nothing works.. I would really rather not install windows 8, as a lot of the programs we use are a nightmare to reactivate... In device manager I see a High Definition Audio Controller, with a code 10 device can not start error. Any help or ideas is greatly appreciated, I think I covered it all but let me know if you need more info. Thanks! Edit: Also, the capture card is rather temperamental.. Must have restarted the computer more than 10 times before it would display the input.. Then after taking it out I cant get it going again.. Any ideas?
  15. That was an April first joke / attack at EA. Not actually going to be released. http://www.greenheartgames.com/2013/04/01/announcing-first-expansion-for-game-dev-tycoon/ Notice the date it was posted.