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    Looking for waifu, please apply within.
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  1. Picked up a bottle of CBD at the pet store and my brain started playing One Winged Angel. 




    Brand X wasn't going to work, so I picked up Brand Y. 




    I feel kinda strange... 




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    2. ARikozuM


      It's because the FDA requires stringent rules to be followed before research can be conducted. There are also no government grants, that I know of, for research into cannabis. Most of it has to be done by smaller companies in too small a number (X<100) for the FDA to recognize it as usable within its bureaucracy.


      An animal rescue, KetoPet, is having great success with ketogenic diets and animals with cancers, but it's not sufficient since the rescue isn't willing to A) kill the dogs for autopsy, B) follow a 1000 dogs all starting at the same time (too time consuming and harmful in a statement they put out), and C) Big Pet companies still calling it anecdotal at best.


      Aside: If you're offering more meat to customers, you're cutting into your margins and Big Pet would rather sell General Mill's millings over offering more meat. 


      The biggest issue is that CBD isolates are largely ineffective as a treatment. This is why having the full-spectrum ratios, or hybrids, is more effective in most of the Colorado shops. Big Pharma would probably put legislation that requires a doctor's degree or some nonsense to sell or distribute any cannabis. 


      They'll probably ban us from growing the plants altogether. 


    3. pierom_qwerty


      @captain_to_fire wathc trump post an image on twitter with no context, just him an snoop dog


      then weed will be legalized


      cuz he wants to be better than canadadadadadadia

    4. captain_to_fire


      I can't wait for the day when orange pussy POTUS45 imposes tariffs on Canadian pot and CBD supplements bigly big league.