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  1. dav1257

    GTX 780 ti upgrade

    Just roughly worked out the price-performance on a few card versus games and the difference between 780 ti and 780 is not that big surprisingly. Between £1.00 - 1.40 per frame. Obviously the 290 is a completely different story but Mantle is still an unknown at this moment in time.
  2. dav1257

    GTX 780 ti upgrade

    Thanks a lot for all the advice guys. Theres so many reasons to hold off upgrading, epsecially with mantle and g-sync, but you end up waiting forever with that attitude. I agree that 780 ti is overkill for many games and definitely expensive for it, but i do think lookin at the guys benchmarks that there are still many games that push the card. Especially at 1440p. Also performance is more important to me than price to performance so it looks like i will probably just go for the 780 ti upgrade and leave the rest of the rig as is. Thanks again everyone. Appreciate it.
  3. dav1257

    GTX 780 ti upgrade

    I am planning to upgrade from my 680 to a 780 ti. Mainly as i would like to upgrade to 2560 x 1440. My original plan was to upgrade my entire rig and just go balls to the walls. However, is there any compelling reason to upgrade to Haswell and the 1150 socket or should i simply upgrade my GPU. Currently i am running an Intel 3570k with an Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe. Thanks in advance.
  4. dav1257

    GeForce GTX 780 Unboxing & Performance Review

    So the Titan was a questionable decision from Nvidia. Seems like they have kind of exploited the enthusiasts. Little shady in my opinion. Also Nvidia are still having a hard time with the AMD focus titles. They still cant run Metro. 1440p anyway
  5. It seems like Microsoft have watched every horrible decision EA has ever made and decided they are gonna do it too. EA finally decide to ditch Online Pass by admiting it was a bad idea and then Microsoft are basically implementing their own system? Seems a bit silly. Also have the community not basically said that we hate the idea of needing an internet connection to play all of our games?
  6. dav1257

    Xbox ONE revealed

    Sony should name the new Playstation the 'PSToo'
  7. dav1257

    Xbox ONE revealed

    Ok so i have to post again because i am gettin more and more agitated by the name alone. XBox One? What?? What genius came up with that??? I'm more excited about the next gen console just to see what they call it. Any suggestions?
  8. dav1257

    Xbox ONE revealed

    It's hard to put into words how little i cared about the next gen console and sumhow i now care even less. Ok a bit harsh lol. At the very least the PC should get sum better ports for the more console orientated game titles. So thers that i guess.
  9. dav1257

    Xbox ONE revealed

    Exactly what i thought
  10. Thought i should wade in and agree with every1 else lol. 7770. It does seem that with all AMD cards they manage to step it up with driver updates and overtake similarly priced Nvidia cards. In other words as long as a card has been out for a sufficient amount of time, AMD seem to be the better option.
  11. dav1257

    What's In Your Wallet?

    Just checked my wallet after i read this. Dya no when u get a a bag of cookies and they giv u a stamp card that says when u get 6 stamps u get a free bag of cookies? I have 6 of those . . . they each have 1 stamp . . . . . . . . . . DAMNIT!
  12. dav1257

    What do you install after a Fresh Windows install?

    I am really surprised everybody is using Chrome? I use chrome purely for youtube for the extensions but firefox for general browsing. Anyway obviously drivers, updates, antivirus, then i kinda just download as i mess around and realise what i need . . . prob Steam tho
  13. dav1257

    Razer brand Overrated?

    Personally i have had bad experiences with razer. I can never get the Synapse software to work and settings are constantly resetting on my peripherals. Dpi, lighting, etc. Also i have the Razer Naga but it constantly locks at random times and i have to lift the mouse away from the pad for a second then put it back down. Not ideal. (I would like to note my naga has just locked while typing this post) So personnaly i have had bad experiences with Razer to the point where i will prob steer clear from now on. It is a shame because there stuff looks gd and feels gd. Software is awful tho.
  14. If its a gaming pc u do not need an i7. i5 3570k is the best choice. Gpu is gd choice because the 670 is a completely different price point. Think the 7950 is better than a 660ti. And 2400MHz memory is a little pointless. 1600 is ideal. There will be practically no difference. For the Mobo i would also go for a similarly priced board from MSI, Asus, or Gigabyte.
  15. It is pretty awkward at first tbh but after u get used to it, it can help u react a bit quicker.