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    Lover of all things tech. Tinkering around and ghetto rigging things to work is a favourite weekend activity! I also speak Chinese.

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  1. UPDATE 2 I've managed to somehow use 4TB in the last year since upgrading, so I've had to upgrade yet again. Unfortunately, I was wrong in thinking that you could easy add 2 more drives to a raid z and have it automatically expand. Instead, I had to add another 3x3tb drives, in another raid z to expand the volume. Have to learn these things somehow! I went with 3TB WD Blue drives for $164 NZD each. A total of $492 NZD, or ~$340USD. So the upgrade costed more than expected, but ah well. I plan on eventually building some form of backup solution, at which point I'll backup all the data, and
  2. Photos of my Server / NAS
  3. Ideally, I would get my mother an Apple TV For christmas, because she loves watching a ton of movies and tv shows, but the current raspberry pi I setup for her is a little clunky. However they unfortunately aren't available on amazon anymore Since the apple TV likely therefore isn't an option, I would buy my best friend a NAS, because he's a photographer and videographer etc but isn't a big techie and has a ton of photos and videos taking up a lot of storage, but it's all spread out over a bunch of external hard drives or over a bunch of separate old computers, and he's got almost no spac
  4. Username: AidanJMessenger Favourite videos: The 10Gb netowkring / server video. SO COOL! https://www.vessel.com/videos/LCoY5zfFf and this: https://www.vessel.com/videos/G-DUjgUyYDRROOOOOL! You guys are awesome! Keep it up LTT!
  5. A repeater and an extender are two words for the same thing usually. Those are devices which connect wirelessly to your existing AP, and repeat the signal to get it to travel further. Personally, I'm not a fan of this solution as it would half the amount of throughput. The best solution is to have an ethernet cable go to a second AP at the other end of the house where signal is weak, and have the AP's settings all the same as the other one so it's all the same network. But that probably isn't ideal for you as running a cable isn't always possible. As for the different brands, these d
  6. That would depend how the LEDs are configured. You could only control them via the BIOS if they were plugged into the motherboard some how. If they're plugged directly into the power supply via something like molex, you could buy some sort of adapter which would allow you to control the brightness. Personally I'm not a fan of PC lighting, as it just ends up irritating me and is always far too bright.
  7. They're talking about 970s, not 290s. 290 is an AMD card, 970 is an NVIDIA card. the 970 is 1 step down from the 980, but by buying 2 of the lower 970 cards, you would get more performance than a single 980 for a similar price. HOwever, this only works if buying 2 GTX970 cards is actually a similar price to buying a single 980 in your country.
  8. That's a really solid build. Will be more than capable of everything you want it to do and you will definitely be happy. I'll be jealous
  9. That is true. But I like to be safe just in case. Some things work perfectly, some don't. If your LAN doesn't work, then you're kinda screwed haha.
  10. Yeah there is a PB tech here in Hamilton, but when I've gone in I haven't been able to play around with the switches or anything. And their selection is crappy... basically just a couple of CM keyboards usually. Plus I use MacOSX (don't hate), so ideally I'd like a keyboard with a command key.... which limits my options even further. But 'el well. One day, when I have the money.
  11. Fair enough. I too am currently looking into some form of backup solution for my freenas. I was considering crashplan, because they're quite cheap and have freenas integration. My upload speed is only 10mbps (soon to be 20mbps when I upgrade), however I noticed crashplan does this cool thing where they'll actually send you some hard drives, you transfer your data onto them and send them back, and they put it on the cloud. Far faster. You can also do this to restore too. Pretty cool feature really. It's too bad they don't make a single drive that would fit all your data. You have to choic
  12. If the computer is already running on windows 8.1 and you just want to install a fresh windows 8.1, you won't have any compatibility issues. You will however, need to make sure you find the motherboard / computer's drivers online, and download them first and stick them on a flash drive or something, so after you've re-installed windows you can install all the drivers and insure everything is working correctly.
  13. When I first built a computer many years ago, I didn't install motherboard standoffs. I couldn't figure out why the computer wouldn't turn on, and why it was just making a ticking sound (The sound of a spark, think of the sound a gas stove top makes when you try to light it). I was super stressed because it wasn't my computer, it was a build for someone else. Thankfully I took it all out, installed the standoffs and everything was fine. PHEW!
  14. I really want to switch to a mechanical keyboard since everyone raves about them. However, they're so expensive here in NZ, and I'd really like to try it out / have a play around with it and see what the keys feel like before I buy it.... Which isn't a possibility here 'El well. One day I'll join the Mechanical Keyboard cool kids
  15. I would probably suggest the Pentium.... It may only be 2 cores but it is a solid little processor that is easily capable of performing well with the 750Ti. Personally I'm just not a fan of buying old stuff, I typically prefer to buy new. Unless it's a really solid deal. But the G3258 would likely lasy longer than a second hand Q6600. Plus, then you have to find a motherboard for the Q6600 etc. The H81M-E you've written above should work with the pentium.