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    Honestly just go. Away. Not here, I don't care where. Just not here.

    Ya'll need to figure your shit out. What the fuck.

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  1. AlwaysFSX

    Power Outlets PISSES LINUS OFF. [Discussion]

    "Let's design something so even the most braindead person can do it because looking is hard." You know, now the EU plug is making more sense.
  2. AlwaysFSX

    Power Outlets PISSES LINUS OFF. [Discussion]

    The size difference is to accommodate your "brilliant" plug design, not the hardware inside of it. -not much more, if at all, compared to an EU socket unless you manage to somehow jack up a power outlet -just for my amusement, I didn't know Europe had a problem with people licking plugs that are plugged in?? -we never needed a design with a reversible plug because we didn't design an over-sized cable in the first place "Shoot the prongs don't line up, lemme rotate it."
  3. AlwaysFSX

    Power Outlets PISSES LINUS OFF. [Discussion]

    Basically everything on the market.
  4. AlwaysFSX

    Power Outlets PISSES LINUS OFF. [Discussion]

    Unless you're using a keyed plug, the US cables are reversible.
  5. AlwaysFSX

    Power Outlets PISSES LINUS OFF. [Discussion]

    Now this is an idea I can get behind
  6. AlwaysFSX

    Power Outlets PISSES LINUS OFF. [Discussion]

    No, I'm really not. The European power outlet is a terrible design. Your wall sockets are huge compared to the US plates and the cables themselves are poorly designed. If you want to ground something you need the brilliantly ( /s ) designed flat earth style plug that wastes space. And any power bricks with the prongs attached to the body are significantly larger than a US style. Same power adapter, EU one is stupidly larger. Not sorry to say it but the US got power cables right, EU reeeeeaaaaaaaaaaally did not.
  7. AlwaysFSX

    Power Outlets PISSES LINUS OFF. [Discussion]

    I've lived in Germany, it's a garbage design that wastes space.
  8. AlwaysFSX

    Power Outlets PISSES LINUS OFF. [Discussion]

    I'm all for having the same plug and switching to 230v, just so long as it's not the European plug. That design is a piece of garbage.
  9. Your friend is the reason why and needs his license revoked...
  10. But think about how you're saving the environment! /s
  11. Ain't it great? Hope yours has the tow mirrors because hooooooooly shiiiiiiiiiit the small ones are so bad now.
  12. Can't develop problems if it's not on the road long enough taps head