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    Honestly just go. Away. Not here, I don't care where. Just not here.

    Ya'll need to figure your shit out. What the fuck.

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  1. Here's that this "truck" boils down to, and what every comment shown here and elsewhere online embracing it make known: All of the people who complain that people who buy trucks, but don't use them as trucks, are gobbling this design up because it's a caricature of their beliefs. It's a non-truck. It's not functional as a truck as much as the specs try to lead you to believe otherwise. Anyone who uses a truck regularly understands where this thing falls short. It's a grocery-getter and a mall crawler through and through. Congratulations California, you finally have your own:
  2. Yeah go ahead and reach on over in to the bed for me real quick. Tell me how functional that is.
  3. Record in *.flv. Remux after the recording has stopped.
  4. My motherboard didn't set the fan header to cpu temp so it would idle. Check that.