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  1. As I forgot to mention, they will be getting the mesh version. Thanks for the response.
  2. I'm not a fan of RGB at all but I'm doing a build for a friend that wants it. I'm wondering if the Masterbox TD500 ARGB will work with the B450 GAMING PRO CARBON AC? I'm reading the manuals online and I can see that the motherboard has an ARGB LED Strip Connector called "JRAINBOW1". I assume "ARGB LED STRIPS" and "ARGB LED FANS" are interchangeable? "The JRAINBOW1 connector supports up to 72 LEDs WS2812B Individually Addressable RGB LED strips (5V/Data/Ground) with the maximum power rating of 3A (5V)."
  3. Ok thanks, makes sense to keep within generations.
  4. Do the GPUs have to be the same or can it be different eg. RTX 2070 + GT 1030/GT710?
  5. I see, I'll look into it then. Strange how Nvidia doesn't support that on a consumer level.
  6. Yes I understand quadro/firepro would be a better option but does a setup like the one I showed above work though? I did a little bit of research and it seems it's "troublesome" from what I can quickly find.
  7. For a 6 monitor setup that's not for gaming is it possible to do it with a modern GPU (Nvidia/AMD 2018 onwards) + DP MST Hub? Given you can't daisy chain the 6 monitors as they are HDMI only?
  8. If it's left plugged in the whole time which I know defeats the purpose of the wireless feature, does it damage the battery significantly overtime where it losses its' ability to hold a charge? Or will it be similar if used as intended? I'm debating between the G703 vs Mamba Wireless.
  9. I can buy either brand new at similar prices. Even though the 850 series is around 4 years old it's still consistently faster than the new 860 QVO considering it's TLC which has significantly less performance degradation than QLC? I plan to use either for backing up 1TB worth of sequential data and from what I know it seems like the QVO will drop off to around 150MB/s seq. write speeds once I go past the 80GB Cache.
  10. As expected, still can't beat my 5.1GHz 9900K.
  11. Any AM4 motherboard that has listed it supports the 2700 can run it. Overclocking is another department to look for. You shouldn't really be worried about VRMs unless you're overclocking or for some reason have extreme poor airflow in your case.
  12. Let's say my current SSD with BitLocker enabled fails but good thing I have a sector by sector backup on my external HDD and I decide to restore that backup to another brand new SSD, can I still boot into that backup? Obviously knowing the password/recovery key/file. I'm curious because I'm unsure if BitLocker is extremely strict on Hardware ID/Serial Properties' changing. If this was the case then I can just do a BitLocker mounted unlock backup and encrypt that backup.
  13. I decided to use the drive to archive useless files that I might "need" in the future so I'm not that worried if it dies out. I don't think I'll be able to exchange this HDD as it's 6 years old. I did the long generic test and it took 5 hours, oddly enough it passed. I decided to do a Self Drive Test and Short Generic Test and both passed too. I'm not really sure who to trust on this CrystalDiskInfo or SeaTools but either way I've already made up my mind to store useless archived files in it. --------------- SeaTools for Windows v1.4.0.6 --------------- 27/10/2018 1:52:40 AM Model: Expansion Desk Serial: NA4L3LFT Firmware: 0319 Identify - Started 27/10/2018 1:52:40 AM Long Generic - Started 27/10/2018 1:54:11 AM Long Generic - Pass 27/10/2018 6:32:29 AM Short DST - Started 27/10/2018 6:34:55 AM Short DST - Pass 27/10/2018 6:36:41 AM Short Generic - Started 27/10/2018 6:38:30 AM Short Generic - Pass 27/10/2018 6:40:35 AM Identify - Started 27/10/2018 6:41:33 AM Model: Expansion Desk Serial: NA4L3LFT Firmware: 0319 Model Number: ST2000DM001-1CH164 Serial Number: W1E1MYR0 Firmware Revision: CC43 Drive Capacity: 2.00 TB / 1.82 TiB Max LBA: 3907029167 Cache Size: ---- Lifetime Bytes Read: 132.84 TB Lifetime Bytes Written: 161.46 TB Power-On Hours: 10462 Annualized Workload Rate [ (Writes + Reads) * (8760 / POH) ]: 246.42 TB/yr Drive Temperature (C/F): 31 / 88 WWN: 5000C5005C851B6A Sector size (Logical/Physical/Allignment): 512 / 4096 / 0 Rotation rate: 7200 RPM Form factor: 3.5 inch Specification Supported: ATA8-ACS Encryption Support: Not Supported Security Mode: Supported SMART: Enabled Host Protected Area features: Enabled Advanced Power Management: Enabled Download Microcode: Segmented Short DST - Started 27/10/2018 6:43:03 AM Identify - Started 27/10/2018 6:43:29 AM Identify - Started 27/10/2018 6:44:00 AM