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  1. Pointless to overclock Zen imo unless you go for per ccx overclock. All core OC generally hurts single core performance unless you go for impractical cooling solutions like LN2.
  2. I see, I thought there would be a bandwidth penalty due to channel limitation. But since it's a physically smaller board, shorter wiring then better performance. Makes sense.
  3. As someone who uses a B450-I ROG STRIX, how much of a overall performance penalty do miniITX users receive? Or can it be compensated depending on how the DRAM wiring is laid out? Faster frequency RAM? I currently use 16GB 3200MHz and plan to go 64GB 3800MHz. I'm not sure if the 16GB kit I have is single or dual rank but I'm just going to assume at the upgrade whatever RAM I get is dual rank.
  4. Is there a way to change the way programs behave? I'm assuming somewhere in the AMD Control Panel?
  5. I have an old Z87 setup + R9 290X lying around that I've been testing on and I have noticed that the GPU is being used to render Graphics Workload even though the Monitor isn't connected to it? The monitor is connected to the Motherboard's DisplayPort output, almost like the data is being passed from the GPU to the Motherboard's DisplayPort output. Is this a feature only on Windows 10? Is it only available for DisplayPort? Not sure if this works on any AMD setups? I don't have a HDMI Cable to plug into the Motherboard to test it with. Isn't this how Gaming Laptops generally operate?
  6. Yes, you can even put a 2080 Ti in there. Realistically if you really want to push that PSU to the limit/kill it put an R9 295X2.
  7. I've read somewhere GIGABYTE and ASRock do but ASUS doesn't but I'm unsure. Also is it per brand basis or is it a specific motherboard only?
  8. I've tested the Arctis 7 and the bass response isn't good from my experience. The Cloud Flights sound much better imo but there is one big flaw with them after getting 3 replacements. Background hissing/white noise when you turn then on. It doesn't matter if it's connected to the receiver or not, there is an audible hissing/white noise when either soft music is playing or nothing at all. Either I got a bad batch of 3 replacements or it's just a defect during the design process for the Cloud Flights. But I think it's a defect considering there's quite a lot of posts about this issue
  9. Any possible way to recover this? Or is it complete dead? I don't know if any of the electronic repair shops around can do it but I highly doubt it.
  10. Tried to power on this GPU and initially sparks came out, tried again and the fans would slightly turn then stop. What could've caused it as well? Old age? or some electric short of some sort? https://imgur.com/a/Q7KuoL8
  11. As I forgot to mention, they will be getting the mesh version. Thanks for the response.
  12. I'm not a fan of RGB at all but I'm doing a build for a friend that wants it. I'm wondering if the Masterbox TD500 ARGB will work with the B450 GAMING PRO CARBON AC? I'm reading the manuals online and I can see that the motherboard has an ARGB LED Strip Connector called "JRAINBOW1". I assume "ARGB LED STRIPS" and "ARGB LED FANS" are interchangeable? "The JRAINBOW1 connector supports up to 72 LEDs WS2812B Individually Addressable RGB LED strips (5V/Data/Ground) with the maximum power rating of 3A (5V)."
  13. Ok thanks, makes sense to keep within generations.
  14. Do the GPUs have to be the same or can it be different eg. RTX 2070 + GT 1030/GT710?
  15. I see, I'll look into it then. Strange how Nvidia doesn't support that on a consumer level.