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  1. Something in HDD is causing issues

    My drive is brand new and the older HDD was causing the same issue, until I tried it again after deleting everything. By deleting i mean deleting not reformatting.
  2. Something in HDD is causing issues

    Just got it and the other HDD that I replaced it with was doing the same thing when it had my media. Now that its empty it does not cause the issue when connected with the same cables the current HDD has.
  3. After a lot of testing i figured out that whats causing my pc to hang always at startup after or during the windows chime and than randomly throughout the day is something in my storage HDD. I have done a Microsoft error check with no errors found. I am hoping there is a way for me figure this out that doesn't involve loosing all my media. Testing done: Booted up in safe mode no issue Booted up with just OS SSD no issue Booted up with all drives except HDD no issue Booted up with replaced empty HDD no issue Booted up with Current setup issue Booted up with OS SSD and HDD issue Booted up with other sata cable and power cable from a different drive issue
  4. How does HDMI increase bandwith.

    Thanks you guys every time I googled bandwidth all I would get where networking results lol. Wish I could mark both your posts as "solved", since they both had pieces that I needed.
  5. How does HDMI increase bandwith.

    So Techquickie brought to my attention HDMI 2.1 I was surprised that i had never heard of it. It get me the general overview of what to expect from it and what i needed to do to take full advantage of it. However the big performance leap should have given the cable the name 3.0 in my opinion, so my question is how do cable manufacturers keep backwards compatibility when they increase the bandwidth? Why is the new standard just 2.1 if it is such a big improvement? Honestly I would like a direction of where to do research about how standards get tweaked for better performance and added features.
  6. LG PF1000U Ultra Short Throw Projector Giveaway

    Time for spontaneous stops during my road trip to play games on the side of buildings lol
  7. DPI concerns on a 27 inch

    Oh ok, other forums are also saying it depends on a individuals eye sight, so you could get away with lower resolutions. thanks for the reply.
  8. DPI concerns on a 27 inch

    No need to insult the post, just cause you don't understand the question.
  9. DPI concerns on a 27 inch

    I am not looking to upgrade now, the GTX 1080 can barley do 60 fp on average I now 8K wont happen for a while. I am just asking the forum what it has heard about 8K tech examples how high a screen can you go to remove the need for AA and so on.
  10. DPI concerns on a 27 inch

    My favorite screen size right now for gaming is 27 inches, I am currently running a pc for 1080p gaming I figured that the pixel density at 4K on a 27 inch screen would remove the need for anti-aliasing, however it seems that jagged edges are still present on games. So since I wont upgrade my setup until I find a resolution high enough that its DPI removes the need for AA on a 27 inch I was wondering if anyone has any opinions or seen anything about 8K gaming.
  11. Post your SteamVR Performance Test results here

    LazyLizardAMD FX-8350 Black Edition VisheraMSI GeForce GTX 970 GAMING 100MEG.SKILL Sniper Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1866 6.5(High)
  12. Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ Giveaway

    Virtual shot sounds interesting.
  13. Two questions about two graphics cards.

    really a 770 i mean come on just stop talking out your ass.
  14. Two questions about two graphics cards.

    Don't worry about your cpu until the next new cpu architects come out for both AMD and Nvidia all tripple A games lean mostly to the gpu. I myself have a 8350 paired to a 970 with no issues. I am also looking into the same gpu specifically the 980ti Hybrid from EVGA if you need proof of your cpus capabilities look at this http://www.tweaktown.com/tweakipedia/56/amd-fx-8350-powering-gtx-780-sli-vs-gtx-980-sli-at-4k/index.html Its two 980 with a 8350.