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    Asus X99 Deluxe
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    Corsair 16GB 2666
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    EVGA FTW GTX 980
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    Corsair 750D
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    Intel 730 480GB
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  1. So my 980 is past warranty and it died on me a few days ago. I was looking around for a new gpu, mainly the 1080ti, when I saw a video about the upcoming 1180. They said that Nvidia is having a GTC keynote on the 29th. Should I wait to see if there are any new graphics cards coming somewhat soon. Or do I just go for the 1080ti.
  2. Well I guess I didn’t plug in one of the cpu fans in all the way...works like a charm...freaking one hour trying to look shit up...thanks again clockwork princess
  3. My rig has been working ok for a while. It would shut down on me here and there so today I decided to clean out my tower and check on thermal paste. I’ve dusted my pc a few times so that wasn’t the big issue. I wanted to see if maybe the thermal paste was the issue or not. My thought was maybe I didn’t apply it correctly the first time so maybe it’s overheating. Cleaned off the old thermal paste and I added IC Dimond to it. Put my rig back together and now it won’t boot up and it’s showing the code bf on my motherboard. Or maybe it’s 6f. Either way it won’t boot and it will shut down after 15 seconds. Maybe I did something wrong. I mean I know I did something wrong. I just don’t know what. I got an X99 Deluxe motherboard. GTX 980.
  4. I'm from Cali and I say why not. I want to beach closer to my house.
  5. HE-400. Fidelio X2. Are you looking for closed only? Not saying that Hyper X is any bad, but for that kind of music he's probably wanting something warm or heavy. Nvm these are a bit out of your price range. Read the post all quick. I mean not bad for a bit more.
  6. decisions decisions...I need to find a spot to test them out. At least hear a planar sub bass headphone if I can't find the HE-400.
  7. I like to listen to rap and metal and some EDM (drumstep, dubstep).
  8. So I was looking at getting the HE-400s this week. Then I went on massdrop and saw that the DT 990 will be on sale for $220 enough people get it. My question is which one will you guys recommend? I'm going to use it for gaming and music. I hear good things about both.
  9. Yeah I'm still waiting to hear when it's coming out. We still got this month. They said sometime around Q3 of this year.
  10. The PG279Q is coming out in a month or two. I'm waiting to buy that one.
  11. I was looking into these but the fact that it lacks the bass is making me look for something else.
  12. They can look it up in the store, but I would just have the link ready in your phone just in case.
  13. I'm having the same issue. Only with battlefield 4 tho....I heard it could be the ram configuration. They told me it could be my graphics card but I haven't gone to get it checked...ask the manufacturer if you can get it checked if you didn't buy it at a store like Fry's. I have a EVGA gtx 980 so idk if it's software or hardware. I'm curious to see if anyone has an answer to this.
  14. yea i can see the fireworks from my house every night at 9:30 if you got frys by your area they will price match w/e you want