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  1. Cooler Master Quickfire XT w/ mx blue Generic HP office mouse
  2. 1) For which PSU are you intending to order a cables? XFX PRO 550W 2) Which Sleeve do you prefer? ModFlex (Paracord) 3) Post a picture of the configuration you guys are going to order Thanks for the giveaway
  3. This community...

    1. Shahnewaz




  4. So I'm guessing everyone is watching Erased? Man that show is addicting... tempted to read the manga but don't want to spoil it.
  5. No one has mentioned the DT 990 PRO?
  6. Or use a cheap coat hook which won't look as ghetto
  7. Try it with your onboard before looking into a separate amp/dac
  8. Maybe a par of Koss KSC 75. Comes with a lifetime warranty. They are my daily drivers on my commute and sound fantastic for the price
  9. I believe they are the same
  10. RazerZ

    HD518 Comfort?

    They were comfortable enough for me since my glasses would rest above the earpads. The earpads themselves are alright. They are made from a lower quality velour material compared to other earpads such as those found on Beyerdynamic's DT series or the HD 558/598 and they are fairly stiff just as you have heard. It has a firm grip that is not overly tight. Still probably one of the more comfortable headphones in its price range though.