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    Ekmod reacted to terdel ninja in Is there anything higher than 144hz?   
    That bar that you see in League that is filled up is how much latency or ping that you have . You can view precisely how much ms of latency by pressing Ctrl+F
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    Ekmod reacted to AnnoyedShelf in Really, AMD?   
    That's a little overkill, especially if you get a quality PSU from SeaSonic or EVGA.
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    Ekmod reacted to KamiKatze in Canned Air alternative   
    Aren't you supposed to grab your fans so they don't spin and don't induce electriucity?
    I personally think compressors are too expensive to use them just for blowing air at dusted stuff. an air can is like 5 bucks. it lasts longer than i expected.
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    Ekmod got a reaction from 0s4x in 10Keyless cherry brown on the cheap   
    You're in college, please learn how to spell it.
    On topic: CM Quickfire Rapid is probably the way to go. Look for deals when they drop below $60.
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    Ekmod reacted to alpenwasser in Cable Lacing Tutorial (upd. 2013-OCT-05)   
    So, a small update. A member on another forum asked me a while ago how I did the knots
    on the double wire in ZEUS. I would have really liked to do a vid on this as well, but
    at the moment time just doesn't permit that, so here it is in picture form. I hope it
    is somewhat understandable nonetheless, otherwise feel free to ask for clarifications.
    I didn't actually know what this knot was called until I did some digging and found
    out that it's a sort of whipping knot, to be specific the common whipping if I have
    understood things correctly.
    It's not very complicated but not necessarily obvious just from looking at it.
    Also, it's the same knot I'm using to make the sleeving ends on HELIOS' wires:

    You can find a tutorial for a variation of this knot here. However, since I only found
    that website after already having taken my pics I thought I might as well upload
    them anyway.
    So, here we go:
    A loop...
    (click image for full res)

    ...and around the bundle which you wish to lace, over the original loop.
    (click image for full res)

    Press down where the two ends cross and hold tight.
    (click image for full res)

    Then wind the red end around the bundle as many times as you deem
    necessary. I usually do at least a dozen loops.
    (click image for full res)

    Thread the end which you have been looping around the bundle through
    the loop from step one on the side towards which you were looping (it sounds
    a lot more convoluted than it actually is, just put the end, now yellow, through
    the original loop).
    (click image for full res)

    Pull on the other end...
    (click image for full res)

    ...and tighten the original loop until it slips under all those loops
    you did around the bundle. Then pull on both ends and tighten things down,
    (click image for full res)

    which should give you this result. Cut off the ends as close to the package
    as possible and you have a clean looking knot.
    (click image for full res)

    I hope this is somewhat understandable together with the additional websites,
    otherwise don't hesitate to ask for clarifications.
    It's really not a very complex knot, just a non-obvious one IME.
    Happy lacing,
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    Ekmod reacted to ratchet34321 in Cable Lacing Tutorial (upd. 2013-OCT-05)   
    Had a go at cable lacing myself after seeing Alpenwasser rig in the build of the week section. Really neat idea to keep your cables in check Had a go on my power extensions, seemed to have worked well.
    Thanks for the guide Alpenwasser.

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    Ekmod reacted to alpenwasser in Cable Lacing Tutorial (upd. 2013-OCT-05)   
    Hello everyone,
    I've been asked a few times how I did the lacing for my current builds (here and here),
    and I said I'd make a tutorial on that. Well, here it is. Since I'm still a complete
    noob when it comes to video processing I'm open for feedback, especially when it
    comes to sound quality. I'm using headphones and don't have any speakers available
    at the moment, and the sound seems ok, if a bit on the low side. But since audio
    experiences can greatly vary for different people feel free to say so and I can
    try to fiddle around with it or maybe even re-record it and then reprocess that.
    For those who are not familiar with this (such as myself a few months ago): Cable lacing
    was used to arrange cables and wires before the advent of zip ties and velcro ties.
    If you work in the telecom industry you might have learned this on the job. Nowadays
    it's a lot less common due to being quite expensive, although it is still used in
    some applications. One of them is spaceflight. Cables on spacecraft are usually
    tidied up by lacing them.
    The technique I'm using at the moment is not something a professional would
    use (at least I don't think so), but an amalgam of different stuff I've found
    around, looked at and tried out. It gives me the look I want and does its job
    while at the same time not taking up an insane amount of time (unless you do
    it with Nylon cord ;)).

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    Ekmod reacted to _ASSASSIN_ in What would you liked featured in my "Rooting and Custom ROMs" guide   
    I am currently working on a informative post on Rooting and Custom ROMs with @nsyedhasan and @TheSLSAMG editting. 
    so far, the topics I  have are:
    Custom Kernels
    Custom ROMs
    Xposed Framework
    what else would you like added
    thanks for the response
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    Ekmod reacted to Assassin in What would you liked featured in my "Rooting and Custom ROMs" guide   
    Explaining people how to work with setting up ADB and Fastboot explaining to them WTF it means for them. 
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    Ekmod reacted to Kang in FPS/MMO Mouse?   
    For FPS G400/G400s
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    Ekmod reacted to M-ursu in Why would you lower your mouse polling rate   
    Some USB pots wont support high polling rates