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  1. I've been a fan for years. After the first handful of videos I happen across way back in the unboxing on a park bench days I've enjoyed slowly working through the back log of videos and watching the new ones daily over the years. I think I can say with confidence I've seen every video on the main channel at least twice, some well into the double digits (<3 2 gamers 1 cpu) I was thinking today just how much I look forward to the daily video. I've spent 100's and 100's of hrs with Linus and the other hosts over the years and every-time I pull up a new video its like seeing an old friend again. Maybe its this amazing beer I've been enjoying all Sunday afternoon talking (Thank you Ithica Brewery! <3) but despite of because of all of LTTs nerdy quirks I feel right at home. To Linus and all the LTT staff thank you for doing what you do, and please don't ever stop. We love you guys :fistbump: *O man I got myself right in the feels..... right in the feels...*
  2. Next I had a mid life crisis at 30 something.... and decided to waste a ton of money and build this... 2 Gamers 1 CPU inspired running Unraid EVGA SR-2 board 48 GB RAM 2x X5680 cpus running at 4+Ghz two EVGA 980s 24x 3.5" HDDs combination of 2TB and 6TB drives Room for 12x 2.5 Sata SSDs have about 6 in there atm as a cache Completely hand built case, though I did buy the PCI slot thing and mobo tray from .... mountain mods I think it was.
  3. I never got around to posting updates but over the last two years I've tackled a few more crazy Projects. Moved a couple times and had to seriously physically down size. First I hand built a custom rolling mini rack for my desktop, switch / router etc. And hacked together a new desk from a table top and shelf + brackets from Ikea.
  4. I've had my pixel 4 xl working for Android auto in my Kia stinger for a few months. Yesterday after being away for weeks I experienced one of the most frustrating drives of my life Christmas Eve. While on an hour plus drive my phone seemed to randomly click buttons. I'd have Waze open with Android auto and playing audible in the background the audio book would randomly pause or skip ahead 10 seconds. It would even randomly call someone on my call list, was always the same person the last person I called. I removed my car Bluetooth from my phone and same for my phone from my car reconnected and saw same thing. Then disconnected from car completely unplugged the cable and removed phone from car Bluetooth then saw the phone doing the same randomness. I'd close the audible app and It would randomly open and start playing again My phone also called my girl friend again another 2 or 3 times. Phones never done this before now that I'm not in my car it seems normal. Only thing I can think of is interference with the magnetic mount in my car? Or the Bluetooth connection somehow sending strange commands? Anyone have any ideas by chance?
  5. I travel a lot for work and bring my gaming laptop with me. I really don't have room to carry around a big headset, but I would still like to be able to jump on mumble / voice chat with my friends. Has anyone come across a basic usb / 3.5 mm mic with decent audio and importantly some kind of noise cancellation? I would think there must be a way to get a stand alone mic I could just plug into a usb port maybe its on a flexible arm right out of the usb port or such, but something in the mic / software should be smart enough to cancel out any audio coming from the laptop speakers? Searching around I've seen a few like that that were REALLY cheap and they all had horrible reviews regarding audio quality.
  6. Managed to figure it out. For anyone who might find this. You first remove the flap that opens on the bottom when you open the laptop. Then you take out all the * bit screws along the outer edge, several Phillips headed screws along the back edge and a couple between the two fans. Then you'll need a plastic wedge / guitar pick or such the entire top (keyboard) section lifts off. The edges of this section come with the top section but all the ports and main board stay behind. After 20 or 30 min of struggle and trying not to break anything I finally got it started near the back right and left corners near the hinge along the sides.
  7. Just ordered the GX701GV from Newegg with the 2060 seemed like a heck of a deal at 1699. Want to upgrade the SSD but want to be sure I don't break any plastic clips on the way in. I can't for the life of me find any notes from someone who's opened this thing yet. Even appeared in the LTT video they might not have.
  8. I have a 2017 Macbook pro and I'm searching for a dock that will let me connect... gig ethernet 2x HDMI 3440x1440 monitors at least one USB A port provide more than 60w of power through the single usb-c / thunderbolt 3 cable Anyone have experience with any of docks that might fit the bill?
  9. Well... still no luck I tried this Monoprice Display port switch but it appears its only designed to work in the other direction. As in two video outputs going to one display and not what I need which is one video output switching between two "displays" https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B074KT689K/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  10. Just bought a Rift S after trying my brothers original Rift. I was immediately hooked! My desktop is running 2 EVGA GTX 980 Classified in SLI. So I can only use the inputs on one of the cards. Each card has. 1x Display Port 1.2 1x HDMI 2.0 and 1x Dual Link DVI-I My Main Monitor is an Alienware AW3418DW and I have a 2nd monitor An LG 34UM95 I Have to connect the 1st display port on my primary 980 GPU to the AW3418DW so it can run at its full 3440x1440 @100-120hz The LG monitor I have connected to the Display Port on my motherboard running off my integrated Intel GPU. How can I also connect My Rift S to my system? My brothers original rift used HDMI but the new Rift S is just display port / mini display port with an adapter. I can't use the HDMI or DVI ports on my GPU (cant use any on the 2nd card when in SLI mode, and can't use the DP on the main card because the AW3418DW needs it, and can't use the HDMI or DVI ports for the Rift S). If I unplug my main Alienware monitor and use that display port for the Rfit S when I want to use the Headset and use the LG as the main monitor the Rift S doesn't work because the only monitor plugged into my system is plugged into the integrated GPU. The Head set tries to run off the integrated GPU. I could try to run the LG off the HDMI port on the primary 980 then I think unplugging my main monitor from the display port on that card and plugging in the Rift S would work. But I don't want to crawl under my desk or behind my monitors every-time I want to use my VR headset. I was hoping to either.... 1) Find a way to connect the Rift S via HDMI through some kind of adapter but I suspect we can't dothat because HDMI 2.0 can't handle the resolution + refresh-rate of the Rift S's display, or 2) Find a way to take 1 Display port 1.2 output (from my GTX 980) and put it on a switch to go between my AW3418DW Monitor and the Rift S On demand. But all the display ports switches I can find take 2 inputs and push to 1 monitor (basically a KVM) The only option I can think of is getting a Display port extension cable Taping it to the the under side of my desk and manually swapping the DP cables going to the AW3418DW monitor / Rift S. But that's a mess I want a cleaner solution than that and I really feel like there must be something better out there. Any ideas? I'd greatly appreciate the help. I even considered upgrading my GPUs. But some rough calculations looking at benchmarks and 3dmark scores. My current 2 cards in SLI get me roughly the performance of a RTX 2070 So I'd be dropping ~$414 for a 2070 to get no increase in performance just so I can plug in my $500 headset..... The only card available that has a decent increase in performance value for me is a 2080 ti for ~$1100 GPU ~ 3dmark score with my CPU % Performance compared to current setup % Performance Difference $ Cost $ Cost per % Performance Improvement 2x 980 SLI 8846 100 0 0 0 RTX 2070 8865 100.2147863 0.2147863441 414 1927 RTX 2080 9945 112.4236943 12.42369433 583 46 GTX 1080 Ti 9137 103.2896224 3.289622428 599 182 RTX 2080 Ti 11759 132.9301379 32.93013792 1100 33
  11. Wow I was shocked to see this thread was as recent as it was. I thought for sure I was the only person on the planet with an EVGA SR-2 I've been building this system for over a year and a half now, including a completely custom case built from scratch. Saving all my progress pictures for after I finish the watercooling Had to order some thermal pads today off amazon as I didn't trust using the thermal paste that came with the alpha cool motherboard blocks hopefully I can get those installed Thursday this week then get the water cooling done next weekend.
  12. I'm starting a new build after my box of fun from EKWB arrives today and was hoping to get some tips / inspiration for the cleanest ways of running soft tubing. Anyone seen any guides or have any tips / tricks on getting as close as possible to the super clean look of hard line but with soft tubing? I'd even love to see some of the cleanest soft tubing builds you've ever come across.
  13. I'm working to build a new version of my previous 2 gamers 1 CPU build. I'm running a series of benchmarks and want to make sure I'm interpreting the results correctly. List of tests GPU directly in a x16 slot with all 24 threads enabled (EVGA SR2 motherboard if you are curious) GPU on a PCI-E extension cable with all 24 threads enabled GPU directly in a x16 slot with only two cores and hyper threading enabled GPU on a PCI-E extension cable with only two cores and hyper threading enabled My tests so far have confirmed no difference in performance with either an RX 480 or a GTX 980 when comparing directly in a 16x slot or with an extension when using all 24 threads My next test addresses how much (if at all) I will be bottle necking each graphics card (RX 480 or GTX 980) when running with less CPU. When testing the RX 480 with all 24 threads Fire Strike Score: 10716 Graphics Score: 12776 Test 1 FPS: 61.86 Test 2 FPS: 50.41 Phy Score: 13596 Comb Score: 4241 When testing the RX 480 with 2 cores and HT (4 total threads) Fire Strike Score: 6490 Graphics Score: 12881 Test 1 FPS: 62.38 Test 2 FPS: 50.82 Phy Score: 3476 Comb Score: 1898 I of course expected a drastic drop in the Physics and overall score as a result. The question I have is can I correctly conclude that the 2nd test with limited cores active was not bottle-necking the GPU because the Graphics score was the same (with in margin of error, actually higher in this case oddly)?
  14. Can someone PLEASE try with an RX 480 or 580? I'm currently trying to use a perfectly reasonable length (~7") with an RX 480 and getting crashes as soon as I try to install the drivers (works fine directly in the slot). The extension I'm using is similar to this If I use one of these It works but I suspect an RX 480 might get bottle necked on PCI-E 2.0 1x (I'll try to do some benchmarks to test that soon) Building a 2 gamer 1 CPU + other stuff machine with an EVGA SR-2 board From my research it seems the RX 480 cards draw a LOT of power through the motherboard (more than the PCI-E calls for) I ordered a couple different replacement extentions And this thermal take (different than what LTT used in the video I think) But they are taking forever to ship My theory is I'm getting a power drop across the extension but I don't know that a higher quality or shielded cable will make a difference. Maybe the auxiliary molex connector will help it seemed to work on that 1x extension I tried.