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    I got two legs, two arms, a head and a torso. I am using them ever since.
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    Intel® Core™ i7-6770HQ
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    Intel® NUC Kit NUC6i7KYK
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    2x Corsair CMS016GX4M1A2133C15
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  1. "Until recently" means "For any point in the past that isn't too recent". So the opposite of what you meant, I think. Why do you think LTT spends so much time and effort getting samples for their merch if it's all the same?
  2. Source. Prove to me that other units didn't exist. Exhaustive product listing and assorted OEM list. Thanks. I'm not gonna do it for you, and I know it's wrong. They "designed" some. Didn't make them. That's two different things. Implementation matters.
  3. You mean like Gigabyte PSUs? I wish GN's video was published two days earlier, because that video perfectly corroborates what I said. Either way, "bad PSUs" don't have to come from alibaba. I said alibaba because the only study I could find about PSUs catching fire after searching a few minutes was in French, and I had to answer with something in English. And I didn't want to waste hours scouring the web for information just to be met with biased judgement from someone who would just skim the very first lines of my post for anything to criticize (without even taking the time to und
  4. And to me it sounds like you don't have a clue what you're talking about. This thread seems to be a great place to find people who I'd love to ignore: wannabe technicians with a lot of assumed knowledge but very little experience. I won't even ask by what logic what I said corresponds to an "archaic environment". Let's cut the bs, ok? Bye.
  5. I would indeed not categorize "FPGA development" as "demanding". In general, any kind of task, no matter how technical, isn't demanding unless it depends on the system's general robustness over time: the stability of ABIs, for instance. Or the consistency with specifications and norms (POSIX, the C spec, etc). Or the reliability of system scripts (init, packaging, etc). So a lot of technical activities aren't demanding in that sense. A developer will require a few programs to run1: an IDE, a compiler, a linker, etc. A web developer will require an IDE and a browser. An FPGA (and al
  6. I don't think so. All "big companies" have been able to do so far is focus on RoI so much that they all eventually become toxic, and destroy public property (societies, the planet, etc.) for their personal gain. I mean, this is getting political, so I should stop here (it's actually against the forum rules), but yeah, if a company had to "push" for "Linux" to get bigger; it should be Google. Not that they're less evil (they aren't), but they are far more capable. And as a matter of fact, they have been working on Linux, and they have done a much better work than any other companies
  7. You might want non-standard kernel modules built in. You might want specific features. This is too vague a question to give a precise answer. Now, yes, with a standard x86_64 server, and a standard set of software running on it (provisioning solution, sshd, httpd, db, etc) you don't. But I am not necessarily speaking about servers here. Servers aren't what most people who watch LTT videos install "Linux" on. Hey at least you didn't nuke your entire filesystem because of a space added after the initial slash... (and yes, I am aware that now, rm from the GNU coreutils requires the
  8. if you ignore what I backed it up with once, I certainly don't see the need for any answers; you will ignore the same facts time and time again. Let's mutually ignore each other; I certainly don't feel like discussing with people ignoring logic.
  9. Indeed, there was a problem existing between a chair and a keyboard; just not my chair and my keyboard. Too bad there's no vetting aside form "How many contributions does this user produce" to accept someone as a maintainer... Lemme guess, you "customized the system", and then religiously avoided doing so? Yeah, I understand that.
  10. I want it to be BSD, and it's not. So, I guess, no? Either way, it is what you want it to be, in case you aren't too demanding, that's correct. If you want quality, reliability, and things that "just work", it isn't that. Because "Linux", be it the kernel, or that "magical distribution that nobody can actually name", or that OS family that it now is documented to be on Wikipedia; is tailored for the majority of users. And if the majority of users don't care about the same things as you (as is the case for me), then you're out of luck. No amount of curation can save y
  11. I used to be a Linux-only user for about a decade. Went back to windows because it's now less bloated... So yeah. And about "light distros", there's crux, void, etc. Those all are worth their salt, but in the end, either you go with a distro that you don't completely like; or you make your own from a hacky/DIY/modular one and if it breaks (be it your fault, or more likely, a maintainer's fault) you get to keep the parts. So, yeah, I dunno, Linus indicated in his last WAN show that he would consider doing a Linux channel, so let's see where this goes. I personally don't think it wil
  12. And as everyone knows, any PSU is a good PSU, right? Come on now. It's not like alibaba existed. Right? You just posted to say "no" and came up with reasons later.
  13. Why are Silicon Wafers Round? TL;DR: Note: emphasis/corrections mine. Additional notes: silicon is the second most abundant element on this planet. Even if the specific grade of silicon needed for semiconductors (EGS - or Electronics Grade Silicon) makes this a lot less simple than "just using the second most abundant element", it still is negligible compared to the energy and precision requirements involved in the rest of the steps of making semiconductors. So that little silicon waste is totally acceptable, and contributes to keeping costs down.
  14. From your link, you can read it is called a "deskpad" and not a "mousepad". I would expect your problem to stem from there...