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    [ˈkɔːɾə kɑnɪn]

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    Tech and Engineering


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    2x 4GB Kingston HyperX Predator 2400MHz
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    Zotac GeForce GTX 660
  • Case
    InWin 901
  • Storage
    250GB 840 Evo, 2x 1TB Segate Barracuda 7200.12
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    1000W Fractal Desgin Newton R3 - White
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    Benq E2420HD
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    Corsair H55 with Noctua NF-F12 SSP 3 (doubles as exhaust) , Noctua NF-S12A (front bottom intake)
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    Logitech DiNovo (s520?)
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    Logitech G5
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    Grado RS2i, Grado SR60, Creative Gigaworks-T20
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    Win 7 Pro x64

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  1. KaareKanin

    About the "solar panels around the sun" video...

    Again, did people have problems understanding "to keep us cool". My whole point was that whatever (solar) energy we collect in space and brought back to earth must be offset by us removing heat away from earth again. Also, I felt that a heat pipe was an obvious joke to cater to the computer part of this forum. Maybe I should have said RGB hardline tubing and industrial Noctua fans... Why do I even bother... :-/
  2. KaareKanin

    About the "solar panels around the sun" video...

    Yup, still don't see how that relates to what I said. I don't recall ever mentioning work, what I said was that whatever energy we would collect in space and bring back to earth would only lead to rising temperatures, unless we at the same time would find a way to offset this by removing heat from the planet
  3. KaareKanin

    What sort of soundproofing do I need

    I guess this won't be your kind of thing, but you could always build an active sound cancelling speaker system. "They" tell me it's quite easy
  4. KaareKanin

    What sort of soundproofing do I need

    This ^^ is the proper way of doing it, you could look into those triangular shaped foam thingies that Total Biscuit use, like the ones they use in echo chambers (I think)
  5. KaareKanin

    New here, but I have a point:

    Totally not on topic, but I find it kinda funny how Linus whines about YTs crackdown on what kind of content they want to monetise and how much they want to spread the wealth, when his own TECH forum clearly tries to muffle even the slightest mention of what probably is a quite good tech channel. Anyways, just something to think about. Linus protects his interest, YouTube protects their interests... not saying there's any double standards here or anything
  6. KaareKanin

    About the "solar panels around the sun" video...

    Heat pipe was a joke, kinda figured there wasn't much mass to do heat convection to up there... should have thrown in a bit of hard line tubing, thick radiators and Noctua fans to make it more obvious ;-) That said, I love where the thread ran with it... HL3 pattern has after all shown to be the most effective at radiating energy, so much so that Valve hasn't been able to do enough work to actually complete it That's not how what works? Heat pipe? Or energy eventually becoming heat?
  7. First off, the usual disclaimer, I tried finding a thread about this, but no luck, so if this has been said before, I'm sorry... Anyways, in that TechQuickie video, I feel they should have touched on where all that energy would end up... What I'm getting at is this: Energy has a tendency to become heat sooner or later, and my understanding of popular scientific topics nowadays is that we kinda already have enough heat on earth as it is. I know, I know, this isn't something we'll se happen (in the foreseeable future), but it is an important point and something I feel lacked from the video. A solution could be a massive heat pipe running up to space along with the space elevator to keep us cool, we PC folk like that kind of stuff
  8. KaareKanin


    I think it's great they managed to sort out the issues, I have no doubt he's an integral member of the team. However, I don't think he's very good as a video host, I'd much prefer it if they used any Nick, Tarran or Colton as replacement host or stand in...
  9. KaareKanin

    Wendell is back!

    Intro of that turn it off and on again video was hilarious, so much fun at Logan's expense!
  10. KaareKanin

    Battlefield 1 Video Card Showdown

    Nicely done! Best benchmark video of a new game you've done. Easy to follow, Graphs that were easy to read. Relevant information. Good conclusions. Liked the inclusion of a GTX660, could be a nice thing to keep testing something like a 660 or similar in future videos
  11. KaareKanin

    iPhone 7/7+ Review

    @LinusTech I never really got why the dongle for mini jack is such an annoyance to carry around... if you intend to use it, it's because you also carry headphones... leave the dongle attached to the headphones and pretend they are a part of each other, and you'll be carrying the same amount of stuff around as before. And why do you need to be able to use the home button with a glove? You can't do anything on the phone while wearing gloves anyway, unless they are of the touch screen friendly kind, but then they'll work on the home button too And yes, WTF apple? No T9 dialling? T9 dialling has been a thing for over a decade now...
  12. KaareKanin

    6600k Waste of money?

    6700K has a 200MHz advantage over plain 6700 at max turbo (non OC). 6600K has recorded speeds at 5GHz OC, at whch point you'll kick i7 non OC ass in everything that doesn't need more than 4 threads. Then the question then becomes: What do you indend on doing with your build? Does the 200MHz warrant the extra price for the K part? What about fan (which does not come with the K-part)?
  13. KaareKanin

    Can't get into BIOS!

    More importantly, what motherboard are you using?
  14. KaareKanin

    6600k Waste of money?

    To put it like this... Your initial post has a point, you'll save money with the i7 option you layed out over the i5 option you layed out. If you want advice, however, go with the 6700, not 6700k, as it'll save you more money (and not be a waste of a good K-part)
  15. KaareKanin

    Can't get into BIOS!

    Mash DEL as fast as you can from the moment you power on (but do make sure that DEL is the right key, and not for instance F2) Look for a boot into bios option in the OS, that might work. See if there's a boot to bios button on your MoBo