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  1. Update: Sadly it looks like my second HD7950 is dying, this sucks because when doing the rebuild and cleaning the blocks I broke a cap from my 3rd 7950 but hopefully I can fix that one.
  2. I have got to say this problem is a bit ridiculous as windows 7 is updating and working perfectly fine.
  3. Yep been looking all day, the problem is people have problems with both Win10 loading then black screen and of course there is all the Ryzen problems. Maybe I will try windows 7 proper install.
  4. This I the 3rd OS install, First I tried a fresh install, then win7 with 10 upgrade, and now another fresh 10 install. It installs perfectly fine, just can not get back into it. Of course in MS great wisdom, it is not easy to install drivers in safe mode and I want to try and install chipset and another drivers to see if that helps. Thanks btw.
  5. Yes clean install, I have only installed it and can not even get back into windows. Tried only using one of the Ram sticks the same thing. Will play with the volts/timming as well and see what happens.
  6. Hi, all. Finished putting together my new ryzen build and have been able to successfully install Win 10, however, I can not get back into the OS. It freezes after 2 turns of the loading dots. Can load into safe mode though. Now when this happens mouse and keyboard die, also the cpu and ram debug lights flash one then the other, so could be the ram/cpu. Screens loses input too(Edit) Specs: 1700 Gigabyte x370 gaming K7 F3 bios Corsair Vengence led 3200 (running at 2133 atm) HD7950 Xfire AX850 Windows 10 Any help would be mu
  7. Hey, What did you end up doing. I have a similar setup but have DrivePool, which cost but not much and then for redundancy I use Snapraid(totally free). It is just as good or better then flexraid and cheaper.
  8. I know many stupid so called "IT people/experts."
  9. G502. I have it and it is the best mouse I have ever used, even beats my beloved MX518 IMO.
  10. Ohh guys I get it. The teacher is saying that Apple OS gives the i5 cpu hyper-threading more cache using Apple magic.
  11. So a apple computer with a 500W PSU would put out as much power as a windows PC with 1000W. His logic is wrong you can not compare like that.
  12. Hmmm actually mine maybe used in the near future as a mobile POS setup.