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    Asus VN247H, crappy Fujitsu 23 inch FHD
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    CM Storm Quickfire TK (MX Brown, White LEDs)
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  1. So I paused the WAN show...noticed Luke looks like a pedo
  2. Fuzzy112

    Anyone still own old CPU's?

    I have 8 Celeron D 220's...those are the oldest I have
  3. Damn, I do this all the time and my left feet is numb all the time, so used to it already though, I find it the best relaxing position to keep my feet at
  4. Fuzzy112

    What graphics card is this?

    Seems to be a 8600GT http://www.techpowerup.com/gpudb/198/geforce-8600-gt.html
  5. Fuzzy112

    Which mouse should I pick?

    Mionix Naos 7000 has outstanding ergonomics
  6. Fuzzy112

    EVGA SuperNova 750G2

    It's a excellent PSU (rebranded SuperFlower Leadex) and will be plenty for dual 980's
  7. Fuzzy112

    Cheap Quiet RED LED 120mm Fans

    I think the Bitfenix Spectre Pro's are quiet and not that expensive. There's also LED options.
  8. Yeah based on my friends suggestions I'd suggest X11 aswell. Darkcoin or something along the lines
  9. Fuzzy112

    HDTV 120HZ on PC?

    It's probably fake 120Hz
  10. Fuzzy112

    DragonWar Dragunov Gaming Mouse

    I use 1200 on my NAOS 7000
  11. Fuzzy112

    Define R5 pics leaked?

    Was linked to me on irc, the one who linked got it also linked to him and the cycle continues and I don't know the original source, I'll update once and if we have one
  12. Fuzzy112

    Define R5 pics leaked?

    Pictures of the Fractal Design Define R5 have popped up on a Chinese website http://www.pcpop.com/doc/pic/003319063.html (imgur album http://imgur.com/a/KlEaU/) So far there have been no other news concerning the case but the photos do look really legit Will update once there's more news
  13. Well, I enjoyed my MSI Z77 Mpower other than I couldn't install some Windows softwares for some reason because it was bugging out and they had no fix for it
  14. Fuzzy112

    Thinkpad T540p "Bricked"

    Shame if that's the case. I saw one of these at school and it seemed amazingly good built Sorry I have nothing to actually contribute Maybe contact Lenovo?
  15. Fuzzy112

    How big is windows 7?

    4GB should be enough.