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    i7 4770
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    MSI H87-G43 GAMING
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    Tri-X R9 290x
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    Fractal Design R5 Windowed
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    Samsung 840 EVO 250GB SSD and 2TB Toshiba Hard Drive
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    EVGA G2 850W
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    Prism+ X340 && Philips 243V
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    Tons of corsair fans
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    G430 / Bose Companion 2 Series III
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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit

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  1. I have no idea what impedance is but just checking if they're compatible that way! May i ask what does the phone/rec out do?
  2. Hi all, I've just gotten an electric guitar off a friend for cheap and am looking for an amp to play with. I've read online that we could theoretically wire a guitar amp into an external speaker. My question is: Let's say my guitar is hooked onto a Boss katana mini https://www.boss.info/global/products/katana-mini/ then from my boss katana mini I'll mod it and add an audio output where it'll be connected to my Creative Sound BlasterX Katana https://sg.creative.com/p/speakers/sound-blasterx-katana?gclid=CjwKCAiAu8SABhAxEiwAsodSZKmPBk-JRVcJFLoeeMyupw9MFjjv3VzEtT5P
  3. ah that's true I'm planinng to use a RTX 3070 on 3440x1440 100hz display so probably it wouldn't matter
  4. Hi all, i'm about to snag a 5600x and was wondering if the ~5-10% performance increase is worth adding the extra ram? 1 set of 2x8gb 3600mhz Corsair Vengeance LPX will run me about $129SGD which is ~$97USD
  5. I've encountered compatibility issues if the motherboard bios is too old before (this was with a i7 860 and a GTX 1060), updating the motherboard bios made it work so you'd probably want to do that first
  6. Display: Main Display: 3440 x 1440 Side display: 1080 x 1920 Use case: - Computer science student - Barely plays games (I'm talking ~4-6 hours weekly), when I do it's usually: - indie titles - BF4 - BF1 - FF14 - Tabletop simulator Spends ~14-16hours a day on my computer writing programs / reading off PDF files In my country a 5600x + RTX 3080 is about the same price as 5900x + RTX 3070 with the above use case which combination makes more sense? TLDR: 5600x + RTX 3080 or 590
  7. Ah i get wym. Should i just cover it up with the included cover R5 provides? What about the exhaust from GPU? would having the fan as exhaust help?
  8. Hi guys, My question is actually whether having the top front 140mm fan as intake or exhaust matter as much? Currently its installed as an intake fan (filtered) for positive air pressure and in my mind im thinking it feeds fresh air directly into my Hyper 212X cooler Or should i put it as an exhaust since heat rises due to convection?
  9. Hi all, So i found out that out of 3 fans, left (flushed to rear) is not working (i tried moving it with my hands it wasn't stuck or anything, just not moving) center was working as per normal right (flushed to front) was stupidly stuck cos my pci-e cable was jamming it, now it's working WITH CENTER & RIGHT FAN Idle = 60c Load = 81c is there a way to diagnose and fix the only fan that is not moving?
  10. Oh my god i did this and saw only 1 of 3 fans r spinning guess that solves it! rip 7 year old card
  11. Hi guys, currently this is my setup as shown in the screenshot. WHAT'S THE ISSUE 60c idle, 94c under load Too toasty under load -> thermal throttling WHAT I'VE DONE 1) Replaced r9 290x (Tri-X) thermal paste with MX-4 2) undervolted by -31mV in MSI AB 3) max fan speed at 55% (it sounds like a jet engine if its any higher) 4) core clocks and memory clocks are at stock (1040/1300) Do you guys have any idea what may be the issue? And another thing is should the top-front 140mm fan be an exhaust instead of an intake?
  12. Hi guys im contemplating for a gpu upgrade. Currently im running a 290x and a i7 4770 with 20gb ram. im going to wait for rtx 3000 series card but let's say the most intensive game i'm playing on this res is BF1 what RTX 2000 series GPU would you guys recommend me to pair with my i7 4770? Just want a rough gauge on which GPU to get when 3k hits. (and i'm going on team green side because of tensor cores since im partially doing AI)
  13. OH!!! i tthink i managed to resolve the issue. What i did was separated all the ethernet cables going into the router (i had them all cable tied previously together) and scheduled a daily reboot @ 4am and that seem to fix the issue
  14. just for a gauge when i play / host with ~10ish people on my system (i7 4770 + 20gb ram) my cpu usage hits ~90% so keep that in mind. Ram wise it's hovering around 4gb usage