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  • Birthday Aug 09, 1993

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    Co-op gaming, I like to play with friends, I don't really like single player games, they make me feel lonely.
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    My PC is blue and uses blue peripherals, its name is also Skreedles.
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    AMD FX-8320
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    Asus M5A97
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    Patriot viper 3 blue 2x4GB
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    Gigabyte Gtx 760 oc
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    ThermalTake V3
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    Western digital 1Tb
  • PSU
    EVGA 500w 80+ bronze certified.
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    Coolermaster backlit

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  1. Hello, I've been having an issue where my mouse double clicks and opens something twice or doesn't do what I want it to do. Example, when I try to open a new window in Chrome I open two windows instead, I have noticed this issue with more than one mouse and while playing games. Any help would be great, thanks.
  2. Im Canadian. We’re back in the Ice age up here.
  3. I am paying a monthly fee for the router.
  4. They told me I can go and get a modem from them and return my router.
  5. My ISP provides me with a Hitron Coda 4582 modem wifi router. I’m wondering if it is worth it to buy my own wifi router. This one seems to have horrible signal.
  6. The technician came, restarted my modem. It started working for 10 minutes. They left and when I came home form work it was having problems again.
  7. I looked at the Cable outside and didn't see a problem.
  8. Yes, the router was working before, it's recently in the past week I've had problems. I aslo checked the connections.
  9. I'm supposed to get 50 mb down 10mb up. I just tried a speed test and got 144 ping then an error.
  10. Sometimes it will open, most of the time it will not. When I do the speed test the speed says its fine when it's not.
  11. Pinging with 32 bytes of data: Request timed out. Request timed out. Request timed out. Request timed out. Request timed out. Request timed out. Request timed out. Request timed out. Request timed out. Request timed out. Request timed out. Request timed out. Request timed out.
  12. I'm on wifi and my internet has not been working properly. I am unable to open certain websites(I'll get a time out error), or it takes a long time. My signal strength is still high though and I get three bars on all of my devices anywhere in the house. What's weird is that some websites like youtube and Google will work fine but other websites like Costco.ca and the Gamesworkshops website will take a loooooong time to load or won't load at all. I've tried speedtests and sometimes speedtest.net will open, sometimes it won't. If it does open it takes a long time.
  13. I recently bought this TV new and when I am on a solid screen such as this one. (I just put it on a grey screen) I can see these faint lines. Is there any way to fix this?