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About Qpm5

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    Helper/ Dungeon addict

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  • CPU
    I5 3570k
  • Motherboard
    Asrock extreme 3
  • RAM
    Corsair Vengeance
  • GPU
    Gtx 770 msi gaming edition
  • Case
    corsair 600t
  • Storage
    wd black 1tb
  • PSU
    tx 650
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  1. Qpm5

    Post things that Linus insipired you to do.

    I made my pc after getting into his videos.
  2. Qpm5

    What game makes you rage the most?

    starcraft 2. I got silver league last weekend. My tvp is so bad i have a 35% winrate or lower. Also losing battles to people you double the apm of is really anoying. My last tvp i had 110apm and the other guy had a little over 50.
  3. Qpm5

    Need OBS tips.

    The resolution and set your max bitrate. I am not sure what else helps I do not understand it all
  4. Qpm5

    case change

    I own a 650 its just in a box unused so i was going to put it in the pc if this is even possible. But the SFF mobo will likely fit into the matx case?
  5. Qpm5

    case change

    I have a dell optiplex 990 sff that I want to change the case for so i can put a better psu and gpu. It currently has a HD 6450. It is a SFF motherboard and that is all i can find on it. Any idea is it could fit in my 200r (matx). Also will a gtx 650 perform better for photoshop and illustrator if this will work.
  6. Qpm5

    gpu question

    4gb card 770s are not worth it. 770 sli performs better but 780ti will be more reliable and consistent
  7. Qpm5

    AMD and Nvidia in same system?

    I run right now a gtx 770 and a 7970 and they work perfectly fine and have had no problems in my rig. In you case do not do that just use the 7970 you could slow it down by using the 560 for physx. If you fold it will be fine.
  8. Qpm5

    Not sure if this is a general topic...

    Use apache open office. We can not help you find anything like that
  9. Qpm5

    So Steam In-Home Streaming Who Has Tried it Yet?

    I just got in the beta. Need to fix my laptop so i can try it though.
  10. Qpm5

    my schools pc (massive overkill)

    My school runs old core2duo machines. They recently updated all of them from xp to win7 enterprise or something
  11. Qpm5

    Are SSDs Worth the Money?

    Yes they are really great and you should have them in your pc if possible. I have not got one yet though.
  12. I need to start folding again...

  13. Qpm5

    What did you accomplish today?

    I finished half life 2, and won a game of starcraft 2. It is only the morning so i might get a lot more stuff done today like getting some pictures of my rig for a project and working on my pi.
  14. Qpm5

    Folding with a Laptop

    I would not suggest running 24/7 but folding on light or idle should be good as long as you make sure to watch your temps.
  15. Not sure I have not really looked at before