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  • Birthday Aug 01, 1995

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    Stockton CA
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    Wrestling, Gaming.
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    AMD FX - 8350 Eight Core at 4.3gh
  • Motherboard
    Asus m5a97 r2.0
  • RAM
    16 GB Adata
  • GPU
    AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB Memory
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    Cooler Master Haf X
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    1 TB WD Blue 250 Laptop HDD for media
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    Corsair CX 500
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    Toshiba 24" at 1080p 60rps
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    Noctua NH-D15
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    Saitek Cyborg
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    Razer Naga 2015
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    Astro A50 2013 Edition/Sony Speaker System and Yeti mic for voice
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. I have trhe same question as the poster, but I have a FX 8350, will these cards be bottlenecked? my other specs are as listed on my profile, any replies are appreciated!
  2. When my girlfriend tries to record a video and or audio of her singing, it sounds great! Then when she sings high pitched it sounds like crap but only when she sings loud.
  3. First I had posted because my computer was randomly sleeping, so I since then haven't had that problem as much but just now windows help online in chrome opened 3 times and my volume goes down every time I try to turn it up. I turned off my Internet to see if it's a Keylogger but the problem persists
  4. All of a sudden today my desktop running win 10 on a fresh install about a month ago and it just goes into sleep mode suddenly and randomly. No more than 2 mins and bam sleep mode. And as soon as 5 seconds sometimes after I log in it sleeps.
  5. I can't seem to find the Radeon RX 480 $200 graphics card. All I see are similar ones from a different brand and they are all $230 and up!
  6. For some reason I cant log into my social club account when I try to launch GTA IV! I have an account and I have social club loaded on chrome on my home page but still nothing ;( Help!
  7. I pick a multiplayer server to join and BFH kicks on and the little circle load screen spins in game and the a few seconds later windows gives me a crash error and it says it will find a solution. Specs are in my profile but AMD all the way 16 gigs ram and other games play fine drivers are very up to date
  8. I just installed both 4 and Hardline. When I am trying to start a multiplayer match it begins to load and then immediately crashes before loading me into the game. Anyone have the same issue? solutions?
  9. My girl bought the new 1tb storage for her 1080p youtube videos. Should I use both as storage? or should I run a raid config?
  10. And one last thing. I have very important video and music making software that was very expensive. How and where do I find these files to transfer from HD to HD?
  11. How do I boot win 10 onto a flash drive?
  12. Unplug everything as in what? Install Windows from my win 8 disk straight to the ssd and then boot from the ssd in bios?