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  1. YT2002


    COngrats on over 1000 posts. Next target, over 9000!
  2. YT2002


    The most glamorous photo of you eva!
  3. YT2002


    So thats how I get linus to post on my topic. Hmm... If he responds Ill hold a party
  4. http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/404921-strmfrmxmns-psu-whitelist/ Apparently if it is over $100usd its alright
  5. Damn I wish I was in your school. Then we could talk about doind cool stuff on our pohones
  6. Unfortunately no year 7s but me are part of the PCMR. I dont despise consoles however
  7. Lol sounds like those"wall hugger" ads from samsung
  8. Wow. Well Im in australia and even though iphones cost over $1000 teens still buy them. As you get in the older years there are less (year 7s have lots of iphones) I guees as you get older you realise that there is more than just the iphone, I personally dont hate apple
  9. In my school all my friends like and own iphones and here I am with my moto g 2014. But majority of kids in my school like Iphones. Is this different in your school? I know maybe 1 person with a gs3
  10. IT is usually about now that Linus uploads a video. I checked twitter and he said nothing about NDA. Is their internet down or something?
  11. Do you know of any video evidence of him saying he announced it?
  12. His company I mean. It was in 2013 he made the company but I want to know when he announced that he was making a company
  13. Ive been trying to find when Linus announced that he was making a company and was wondering if any of you guys would know. Is there a live stream when he announces it? Thanks in return!
  14. Ask in the comment section, he may not be on the forum
  15. YT2002

    Linus Montage

    You STILL working on this. I can still find clips. Maybe you can do a Dennis one
  16. Not all of the audience is American so it will appeal to a smaller margin. Thats the same deal with Ting. Unless it is counting sports from around the world less people would take note.
  17. Salesperson at JB Hi Fi "The i5 model is 10x faster than the i3 model" (facepalm)
  18. Those seem to be normal prices. Do you remember when i5s cost $200?
  19. Hey @LinusTech. Do you remember #firepole. We still want it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  20. You can right click the drives and change the name of the drives
  21. Its normal, USB drives turn up as removable drives
  22. Hi. I am going to swap my motherboard from an MSI 970A-G43 to a MSI B85 Gaming M3. Do I need to backup windows or have my product key ready to swap motherboards, or will it work fine with just swapping it and putting on new drivers
  23. You can get a 1440p display for around $500 or if you pay about $60 more you can get a 4K display. Or you can get the 29inch ultrawide form LG